New User - Day 1

Newbie here. Managed to pack on unwanted weight after surgery. No phys for next six weeks. And when bored I will eat. So thought I’d try Huel to help manage my calorie intake, and limit the damage of six weeks sitting on my bum.

I’m armed with a few weeks worth of vanilla and banana powder, a calorie target, and determination.

Shaky start to day 1 when that first shake hit my mouth. Honking. Something about the grainy taste, :nauseated_face:. But have preblitzed a lunchtime shake, added some
Ice and stuck it in the fridge. I will see it through, but any newbie tips for adding flavour?


That’s definitely a good idea. Flavour is difficult as everyone’s tastes are unique; I like marmite and vimto flavoured Huel, others like Branston pickle Huel. If you stick flavour in the search field you will find loads of suggestions that are a bit less left field.

Personally I don’t get the grainy taste, but it was partly what initially put me off trying Huel as some protein powders have that problem, and I thought Huel would be like them.

First of all Marmite & Vimto?! :sweat_smile: Can you elaborate on this magical concoction? It would be great to hear some other ideas of yours @hunzas

Hey welcome @Fillymouskwitz :slight_smile: Awesome to hear Huel is going to be helping you regain control over you calorie intake! I too concur that Banana flavour is totally delicious (Top Tip ~ add a frozen banana to your banana powder for banana craziness!)

As you’re just starting out, it’s recommended to check out the flavour boosts Huel provide. Here’s a link to the selection pack - Huel Natural Flavour Boost 10 Taster Pack. Then you can choose a larger pack(s) of your favourite flavour from the Huel Natural Flavour Boosts if you so wish.

Check out the :point_right:t3: #recipes :point_left:t3: category too as there are some nice suggestions on there.
A basic rule of thumb is to imagine your favourite foods and whack them in a blender to create your ideal Huel smoothie.

I personally like to add an assortment of berries, Koko Greek Yoghurt and a generous serving of Marmite Peanut Butter. Lovely!

Yes. 2 tablespoons of marmite, preferably XO, a 330ml can of vimto, chilled, 170ml of hazelnut milk and 100g of banana Huel. Stick it in a blender and then leave in a hot car for 24 hours to start fizzing.

I use Aldo’s own brand of vimto called Vomit (clever marketing there if compared to Colon the caterpillar.)


One of my faves is 14oz almond milk, 3-4oz mango/orange juice, 2 scoops chocolate Huel.

Fast. Simple. Good.

Another fave, takes a little prep, is 1 1/2 cups almond milk, 1 brown egg, 4 lrg strawberries, handful of blueberries, 1 banana, handful of spinach, 1 scoop vanilla Huel, 1 scoop berry Huel.

Blend to desired consistency, add water to thin.

Check out the Recipes tab for other suggestions.

:wink::+1: - enjoy

The sad thing is someone will actually fall for this and try it

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I wonder if @hunzas can provide evidence of this magical concoction ?? :sweat_smile: