Banana powder

Ok I’m gonna just straight out and say it. These new flavoured powders (without boost ) are game changers.
Huel last year helped me on my way to losing 5 stone of weight and I’ll never forget that . I used vanilla powder with either banana or Coconut boosts mostly ( caramel was vile , worst I’ve ever tasted ) .
But it was always a struggle at times to get it down . I think partly due to the base vanilla . In hindsight I should of used unflavoured . I never did get to try strawberry boost as it was out of stock the whole time I was using it last year .

Fast forward to now . I use huel as a way of resetting my calorie intake I guess. It’s easy to chug a beaker or this stuff and be good for a while , and also ensures nutrition . Despite all the personal trainers I talk to giving me a sigh and a pep talk but that’s to be expected . I know I’d much rather enjoy full meals like some but regular food gives me a major headache no thanks to this damn selective eating disorder. I’m making steps but it’s slow .
Huel isn’t an excuse for me but it does fill the blanks a lot of the time . And stops me picking so much .

The banana powder I’m using now admittedly could be a little stronger in flavour , as it’s weaker than using a boost on unflavoured . But it’s definitely a more pleasant experience than the vanilla ever was . And I just drink this stuff as the standard recommendation . I don’t use a blender or ice cubes or any other method . Just 400 ml , 3 scoops , a shake and 200ml more water . Leave an hour or 2 to chill in the fridge.


I have ordered a bag of banana powder and I yes to mix it with pineapple flavour boost and separately toffee flavour boost. I would also try it with coconut milk. Doing this will increase the flavour varieties of my daily Huel. I agree they do add a lot of variety and make me so time wanting to use Huel. I can’t help but feel a banana RTD may be on its way in the near future.

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I do like banana powder as an occasional break from chocolate which is my fave. Your 5 stone weight loss is brilliant! Are you doing only Huel?

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