Banana’s weight loss journey Week 1

My Huel Journey - Week 1.

  • Notes below with first impressions of huel products in bold

  • 33 year old UK mum of 3 with 40 lbs of baby weight to shift!

  • Week 1 start weight 183 lbs

  • Day 1. 1 scoop U/U with 1 scoop Original, 200 ml milk, 200 ml water Made in the shaker they supplied. This tastes awful on its own, my very first impression was this is impossible to drink. But it did keep me full for 3 hours without needing to snack, so (after i promptly cancelled my subscription) I figured I should at least try to make it work and avoid an expensive wasteful experiment.

  • Day 2 (after a 3 day break!!!) Got my hands on a Breville Active blender, which yields a much smoother product. Well worth the purchase. 1 scoop U/U with 1 Original, 200 ml milk, 200 ml water. 1/2 teaspoon chocolate fb and 1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder. Bit of honey. This was actually ok, but the chocolate is more like american hershey’s chocolate fb which is not to everyone’s taste. Don’t love the sweetener taste and this was drowned out by the honey. Trying to cut carbs so I won’t make a habit of the honey.

  • Day 3. 1 scoop of each, 200 ml milk, 200 ml water. 1 teaspoon cacao fb. Half banana. Cacao fb is like dark chocolate flavour (good) but with a heavy artificial sweetener taste (bad). For me this was too sweet. What is the point of cacao fb? would it not be cheaper and yield a better product to buy unsweetened cocoa powder? anyone compared the nutritional content…?

  • Day 4. 1 scoop of each, 200 ml milk, 200 ml water. Decided to draw a random sample sachet out of the box every day just for fun… so today 1 sample sachet Pinapple and coconut fb. This tasted horrible. Added half a pear to mask the flavour and chugged it. Put off food for the rest of the day, an unexpected bonus!

  • Day 5. 1 scoop of each, 200 ml milk, 200 ml water. 1 sample sachet caramel fb. OK but not my favourite. Getting used to the taste of this, it is basic nutrition without the pleasure of eating. Definitely does the job with minimum effort. I’m now eating 1800 calories and better macros (40C, 35F, 25P on average- need to even these out a little with more protein fewer carbs.)

  • Day 6. Learned how to make these without getting powder stuck in the container. Add half the liquid, then powder, then half the liquid. Blend. Today 1 scoop of each, 200 ml milk, 200 ml water. 1 sample sachet Toffee fb. Dare I say it… This was actually really good! Added 1/2 banana, and the consistency and flavour was even better. This is definitely my favourite so far. Still not loving the bitter aftertaste and the slightly gritty texture but overall it is definitely growing on me.

  • Day 7. 1 scoop U/U with 1 Original, 200 ml milk, 200 ml water. 1 sachet of mint chocolate fb. 1/2 banana. Okay this was not my favourite guys. It tastes exactly like melted ice cream to me, which for you may be a good thing, but for me I could not stomach eating a huge amount of ice cream for breakfast. Even if I did eat ice cream for breakfast, this would not be my flavour of choice!

Week progress- weight loss 0 lbs. - bit of a slow start to the week and was not on point with my diet. I’m drawn by the convenience of having a perfectly balanced meal in 20 seconds as I am exhausted and tend to grab to easiest and fastest thing (crispoholic over here :see_no_evil:). Getting better at making these shakes and my quality is definitely improving. I feel a lot less bloated and less sluggish as well. I did not lose any weight this week unfortunately but my diet was otherwise not consistent, so i need to do better from now on. I have a long way to go… wish me luck :clap:t4:

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You will definitely lose weight if you consistently use Huel to replace meals, it keeps you full for a while! :slight_smile:

I would also try the Chocolate and Berry powders, for me they’re a lot better than U/U and Vanilla. Many people are also loving the Banana powder which I haven’t tried yet.

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Thanks for the reply @KarlBerg, this seems like a good community. i hope you are right and I see some weight loss soon! Thank you for the tips; what does the berry taste like to you? is the chocolate flavour like the cacao or chocolate fb, or different entirely?

The berry powder doesn’t have a specific taste of a single berry but it just tastes like a generic berry mix where you can’t pinpoint anything. I’d say it is quite nice.
The chocolate powder is my favourite and I haven’t gotten tired of the taste. It is more like the chocolate fb but several times better.

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