Bad batch?

I boutgh huel a few months back and really found the taste to be very palatable and with the addition of a protein powder, an excellent meal replacement.

I subscribed and received a new batch.

Opened this batch a few days ago and it tastes horrible, sour, bitter and just not right at all.

Anyone ever had this experience?
I’ve emailed Support but not had any response.

Is the batch off or is there something I’m missing?

you can also contact them on their social media channels messenger tools as well as calling them during UK office hours Adam - have the batch number of the affected bags to hand.

They might as well hire you, seeing how helpful you’re here!


Just an update to this -i managed to get in touch by phone and email, they kindly replaced the bags, acknowledged this batch had missed the flavour component of the mixture, and offered me another bag of my choosing free of charge.

Great resolution and service!


Could I ask what batch number this is please and the flavour as I might have had the same problem?

I’ve recently had this problem with Black edition Coffee Caramel flavour. My batch number was 21491C. Huel customer service were great and replaced the bag for me.

Yep the very same