Thai Curry H&S

Hi there! I’m a fairly new hueligan, but enjoying it so far. Recently tried the Thai curry H&S, can’t help feel that it’s missing something. It tastes too bland with the original ingredients, in my opinion. I added salt to it last night and it did improve it slightly, but I’m wondering if anyone else has any tips to make it better? I love the Mexican chilli and also the sweet and sour!

Thai Green Curry is possibly our most popular flavour, or at least it’s the flavour I see most enjoyed in comments here. Make sure you give the pouch a good mix/stir/shake, you might just be getting a few scoops of grains and none of the good stuff!

Salt is a good idea, I love adding a little siracha too. You could add some other spices, but what flavour do you think it’s missing? Is it like a meaty/umami flavour? Or like fragrant spices?

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Hi Tim, thanks for your response! I don’t know really, maybe a little sweetness? But then again, is a Thai Green Curry usually sweet? I love Thai Sweet Chili flavour in other products and I guess I assumed there would be an element of sweetness.

The salt definitely helped, but maybe you’re right re: shaking it more. I do remember giving it an almighty shake when I first tried it, but it’s possible it wasn’t enough.

I don’t suppose there is a spice that exists, which is sweet in some sense??

Perhaps you could try mixing flavours? Like a scoop each of Thai Green Curry and Sweet and Sour? Works for me.


Great idea!

Try adding some ground fenugreek. I’ve not tried this but one of the team saw your post and mentioned it to me and says it helps bring out the sweetness, somehow! But there are definitely other sweet spices, things like cinammon and allspice, or a combo like mixed spice.

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Sounds interesting! I’ll have to do some research, thanks for the suggestions.

you could also try Thai sweet basil - its very different to the European variety. I’ve used it in TGC and its a nice taste. Blue Elephant sell their spices across Europe so you maybe able to find it.

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Bit too expensive for my liking mate, but thanks for the suggestion.

Would this be suitable @Tim_Huel

is it? sorry didnt realise - here its about 90p a pot although I usually buy it fresh TBH.

I simply googled it and it came up at £40, didn’t look anymore into it! Where do you get it from @Phil_C

I live in Malaysia - about 100 miles from the Thai border so its readily available :slight_smile: I had a quick google around and this place in the UK sells both fresh and ground Thai basil although the dried one appears to be out of stock at the moment.

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Blimey, wasn’t expecting that! Nice weather I expect!

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You’re a star mate, thanks :+1:

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I’m sat in my shorts with the AC on full blast because its 12.30am and still 29°C so yeah - no complaints :slight_smile:


Just trying Huel H&S today for the first time, I wasn’t too sure at first until I added a couple of squirts of Sweet Chilli sauce to the Korma as it was missing some sweetness. I guess a few more sultanas would have helped but not a deal-breaker as the Sweet Chilli worked a treat. I also have the Thai Green so will likely do the same when I get to that pouch.

I would agree, it tastes like it’s missing something - maybe a tiny bit of salt and it’s got a really fruity taste which doesn’t taste quite like thai green curry - it could do with a little umami in the palate - even though it’s as mild as it gets, I wouldn’t add any chilli to the recipe itself as TGC is very mild anyway.

EDIT: I just tried TGC 3/4 Madras 1/4 parts together, it made it much more to my liking although it still lacked a little salt

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I add a bit of Chinese salt and pepper mix (Salt, pepper, sugar, msg) the dried chilli and curry powder. Then a spoon of peanut butter. Dash of soy and oyster sauce. Sound like effort but I’ve mixed my dry ingredients together then a dash of the wets.
If I’m feeling real fancy I’ll throw some coconut oil or milk in there.
I might try powder coconut and peanut butter for ease of use.

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Guys, this may sound a bit silly to you, but I just improvised and gave it a squirt of tomato ketchup. Gave it that slight sweetness I’ve been looking for, without damaging the spice. Perfect!