Thai Curry H&S

I always add a splash of tommy sauce to stuff if it seems lacking in something, maybe we’ve discovered the secret ingredient…


Haha, possibly! I really enjoyed it, when before I was dreading it.

That’s good then, always a positive to look forward to something rather than dreading it. Glad you found something that works.

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I can’t eat it without additional salt, I don’t want to add salt too often so I eat it in limited amounts :joy:

Coming from someone who’s made a lot of Thai Green Curry; it seems to lack the depth of umami that you would get from adding a dash of Nam Pla and/or Soya Sauce :thinking:

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Nothing wrong with that. Not everyones’ tastes are the same so it’s good to add your own bit of flavouring as and when you want.

Found Thai Green Curry incredibly bland. Will try some of the ideas posted in here

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I don’t think it’s bland at all! But a dash of soy sauce does make it even tastier

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I add 2x egg white to my huel portion (mix first with water).
I shake and put 4/5 mn in microwave 900W.
Then I mix with a fork.
In the end looks like tasty scramble eggs.
I add parsley, some cherry tomatoes and ham pieces or my favorite italian saussage.

It tastes much better than just eating the Huel powder mixed with water.
Enjoy !

Eric, I won’t lie I didn’t read the thread title then and honestly thought you were doing this with v3.0 and had a minor convulsion in my seat.

Hot & Savoury - thank goodness! That sounds great. Whatever works for you!


I improved my favorite receipe …

I first mix onion wedges, minced wok vegetables, garlic, tomato sauce (all frozen) and spices + vegetable stock and cook them in a pan with olive oil during a few minutes so that vegetables remain crunchy.
I mix 2 scoops of black Huel H&S with water or almond milk. I add 2x egg white.
I pour the Huel mix in the pan with the vegetables and cook a couple more minutes.
I serve hot or cold.

So tasty !!!