Ranking H&S

Mostly for my own reference, but these are my current rankings of the various Hot and Savoury flavours. I’ve not tried them all yet, and I know I’ll forget which I liked and which I didn’t if I don’t record it somewhere. So:

Carbonara (even though the ‘bacon’ pieces are oddly spongy)
Chikn + Mushroom - nice, basic, good all rounder
Cajun Pasta - I didn’t like this the first time I tried it, but it has become a definite favourite
Mac + Cheese - Moving this from ‘not tried’ to ‘favourites’. I like this one. I mean, it only vaguely resembles actual macaroni cheese, but it tastes just fine. This one will stay in rotation. And may well be used to combine with the Bolognaise to use up that bag.

Tomato and Basil - did not like this at all. And I am sure I detected coriander in there! That’s a ‘no’ from me
Pasta Bolognaise - also ‘no’. Nothing actually wrong with it, but it was a whole pot of ‘meh’ to my taste.

I know the Bolognaise I could maybe rescue with added condiments or something, but that - for me - defeats a lot of the point of Huel. There’s NO rescuing anything with coriander in it.

In the cupboard but not yet tried:

Not going anywhere near, even on a bet:
Korma - just read the description. Nope, no way, no how.

  1. Mac & Cheeze before it was ‘improved’
  2. Mexican Chilli and Bolognaise
  3. Carbonara

Welcome back to the forum @Stef :hearts:

I am slightly heartbroken my favourite pasta bolognese was a nope from you :sob: then again I also love the Korma :joy:

There is a small amount of coriander in Tomato & Basil but as a coriander hater myself but never managed to detect it in Tomato & Basil so that’s a shame to hear!

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I must have got very unlucky!

I’ve just tried mixing Mac + Cheez 50/50 with Pasta Bolognaise. That is very nice indeed. The power of experimentation!