Making H+S palatable

Hi everyone,

New at using Huel and new here at the forum as well, but I’ll dive right in:

I ordered 3 bags of hot&savoury in different flavors to make sure that I actually eat something during busy workdays. I started on the Mac and cheeze which was doable, but the sweet and sour honestly smells like what comes back up after the take out turned out to be past its prime. My son came into the kitchen when I was making it for breakfast this morning (not knowing that I was preparing this meal) and literally asked if his sister had been sick again.

Am I doing something wrong? I looked at the FAQ and saw that only unopened bags can be returned, is there any way of preparing (without too much hassle, I have limited options when preparing lunch at work) that makes it not taste predigested? Or do I just throw it out and cut my losses…

Also: is the Cajun pasta similar? If so, I’m returning that to save myself spending more money on inedible food :frowning:

I’m not a big fan of the Mac and cheese and although I don’t mind the Sweet and Sour I can’t say I enjoy it. I don’t really like the Thai Green Curry or Tomato and Herb either. I do really like the Chickn and Mushroom and the Bolognese,and yet to try either of the curries or Cabonara. I guess it’s a case of trying it to see what you like.

I can’t think of anything I’ve eaten as an adult that I’ve had as strong a reaction to as the OP and their family.
Sounds like the best thing to do in this case is eat the M&C, season the S&S with whatever allows you to choke it down, return the unopened bag and take the stance that Hotand Savoury isn’t for you.

Welcome to the forum @Rosy I’m sorry it’s due to you not having the best start with Huel.

The Hot & Savoury range is my favourite and when speaking with customers different flavours can certainly be divisive, sweet and sour in particular seems to be a marmite love-it-or hate-it scenario.

I will say the pasta range tends to be a favourite amongst most, so if you fancy it I would definitely say give the cajun pasta a try and see how you get on.

If you realize the range might not be for you then please contact our customer experience team at to see how they can help.

there is a Huel - swap page on facebook i am part of. Maybe there is some one in you area who would like them?

I only placed my first Huel order last month and really wasn’t keen on Mac n Cheeze at first, however I now eat it with Chilli Jam and some chicken slices and am munching my way through the bag. Reading on here, it really comes across just how different everyone’s taste buds are and what we like and what we don’t, however Sweet & Sour appears to be the least favourite! I am going to order the Mexican Chilli and try this next…


I mixed my Mac & Cheeze 1:1 with my Sweet & Sour.

The pockets of ‘sweet’ offset the chemically paste of the cheeze, and the rice grains improve the texture. I found that the end result is not only palatable: it is desirable.

I too had your initial experience - then I read the above tip in the forum and it saved two bags from the bin.

I went from forcing it down because I had paid for it; to saving it for special now that it is nearly finished.

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