Hey Huel. Yeah you... about that Spaghetti Carbonara

I have only recently tried Huel Spaghetti Carbonara, and I’ve got to tell you: Please don’t change this, ever. I know you like to tweak things around and try new things, but this one’s already there. No need to adjust.

There probably is already a version 2.0 somewhere in the lab, but just pull the brake on that one and let this one stay as it is. Nothing is forever, except this.

Okay? Call me?



100%. Please don’t let Spaghetti Carbonara go the way of what happened to Mac & Cheeze.

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As someone who has been profoundly underwhelmed by the current mac and cheese, but never tried the previous version - what happened?

They reformulated it. The pasta became better - less crunchy and cooked more evenly but the cheesy sauce became worse/less cheesy and overall a lot of people including myself didn’t like it as much.

Having said that I have now adjusted to it and really like it. Can’t speak for others.


Similar to what John said above. Essentially, the new M&C has so much less sauce, flavour and cheesiness, and way more macaroni. Complete u-turn IMO. However, if they simply added more powder and reduced the macaroni a bit, think it could be about 80% as good as the original.

If you shake the bag of the new M&C upside down like a madman, then ensure you scoop out a lot more powder than you usually would, I feel it tastes better, though still not as good as original so I’m never buying it again.

The only negative I have with the Carbonara is it smells like rotten eggs after adding water :joy: but once ‘cooked’, smells and tastes delicious. I can live with that.


That’s music to our ears, it’s very tasty, isn’t it! :heart:

I tried the Carbonara today, but really disliked it. I’ve now given it away to a friend.

If I remember right, I think the bacon tastes too much like bacon. I don’t like bacon :frowning:

According to reddit the creaminess can be increased by adding nutritional yeast. It seems to work for customers who order the hot meals, but as I don’t buy it I haven’t tried it.