Spaghetti carbonara

I recently placed an order, which included spagetti carbonara. I’ve tried it, and it’s very bland and doesn’t taste nice at all. I’ve shook the bag to mix it, but still doesn’t taste nice. Out of the whole bag, I’ve taken 2 x scoops and that’s it. What can huel do for me?


Make you thinner

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Well they bought a bag of carbonara and lost over 22 pounds (assuming not on subscription)…

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Bland is underrated. Strong flavours might be appealing, but it’s easy to get bored with them. A ‘bland’-flavoured nutritious healthy food is something to enjoy and appreciate, especially when it’s easy to add this and that to adjust the flavour according to taste. Spicy sauce? Chilli powder? Garlic? Onion? Oregano? Ketchup? The world’s your oyster.

If we aren’t just being childish then I suppose I’d ask what the OP wants and why they feel anything should be done?
If a person buys something and it’s not defective, that’s that?

Not exactly the answer I’m looking for. Buy hot and spicy, then need to add something to it to make it taste better.

You bought something and found that it isn’t for you.
It appears that you think you are owed something and have posted on a forum rather than just contacting Huel in an effort to add perceived leverage to your attempt to extort some kind of compensation.
If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Perhaps give it to a friend who might enjoy it.

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I had my first portion of this product two days ago, it’s now my new favourite. Going to try the new version of Mac & Cheeze on Monday, fingers crossed as this was my favourite.

Hey there!

Thanks for sharing your experience with our Carbonara, and I am sorry to hear that you feel this way :broken_heart: We’d love to chat with you about this further and help, so could you please reach out to us at (UK), or (USA)?

Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

When I’ve bought flavours I wasn’t keen on, I just sucked it up and ate them, then didn’t buy them again. I’m a bit tight like that, and not wanting to waste.

And no, I didn’t literally suck the powder up.

You could always try adding a flavour of some kind, that stuff you get in jars from the supermarkets. Condiments.


good attitude - the pastas seem to mix well together also - so if you have one that you DO like and one that you don’t - they’ll probably make a nice generic concoction to get you through to the end without the need to waste food.