Spaghetti Carbonara gritty/sandy?

Like the title says, is anyone else experiencing some sand like crunch in your Spaghettis?
I’ve tried multiple bags(7 or so by now) and there is always a little in each portion I make.

I can best describe it as small sandy particles that crunch hard when chewed.

I am using the huel pots and yes they are clean, this is only with the spaghetti, haven’t experienced this issue in any other flavors and I’ve tried them all.

Strange! Have had many many bags of the Carbonara and never had this, however I suspect it may be due to either the stirring or ‘cooking’ method. I experienced similar sand-like crunch initially when they first launched the original pasta ones ages ago, and I noticed it only occurred if I didn’t stir enough, or if I used a kettle. (Boiling water just never works whenever I try it with the pasta meals. Always ends up crunchy and ‘uncooked’.)

Since then I always ensure I stir for a while, scooping up from the bottom every time, patting areas down where I see powder, just making sure every part is separated and submerged, then I microwave. Never had the same issue again, so perhaps try stirring more thoroughly as well (whether you microwave or use a kettle).

If you add anything to the meal (e.g. frozen veg), recommend adding them after the Huel meal is fully made and ready to serve, as adding beforehand can also mean some powdery parts get missed.

Hey Hex, I appreciate the advice, but this isn’t a cooking thing. I’ve made hundreds of Huel meals, and it’s definitely not something in the cooking process. nor is this uncooked pasta for example. I find these little sand things in my mouth hours after having eaten and its only from the spaghetti version.

And I don’t add anything to the spaghetti carbonara either.

Ohh gotcha, experiencing it hours later is certainly strange. Not sure what that could be!

It’s definitely something in the product.

I have experienced this before with Carbonara. Thought it was just a one off at first but experienced it on another order. Was one of the reasons I don’t have that flavour anymore.

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Thanks for that, so it’s not just me going crazy :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah it’s definitely not pleasant chewing on a small piece of what feels like sand.

Yup I nearly cracked a tooth on it. Had it on two bags. Both times the collected them for sampling and replaced the bag although I never got a follow up.

Damn, glad nothing really bad happened. I’ve only had one or two bigger pieces that really crunched, the rest is more like sand I feel like

I tried to look for your email via the forum but I couldn’t seem to find it. I wanted to follow up with you on this one and look into this further!

Would you be able to drop us an email at Alongside this would you be able to send across to us the batch details of the pouch (The deets we need are batch number, time stamp and use-by date :raised_hands:

I just did.

I ate a portion yesterday that, like the others, had “sand” in it and I was very careful not to scrape the bottom of the bowl, today I carefully rinsed the sides down and diluted the remaining dried remnants of last night’s meal, I then identified some of the sand residue collected at the bottom and placed it upon a colored piece of paper and looked at it through a magnifying glass.

You can clearly see that there are sand/dirt/glass(?) particles in there.

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Good bit of investigation there, Miss Marphuel.


That certainly doesn’t look right at all!

Thank you for dropping us an email with all the deets. We’ll look into this right away for you :heart: