Huel hot and savoury Carbonara

Can’t believe I’m the first person to review it but as I’ve just eaten my first bowl of it here goes…

It’s great (I’ve never eaten real carbonara in my life so cannot attest to how realistic it is) but I really liked the taste and texture.

The spaghetti is, as I would have expected, short strands of spaghetti a couple of cm long rather than long pieces of pasta. The bacon pieces (pea protein rather than soya) are bigger than I expected (and more than I expected) and satisfyingly chewy. 400kc portion size says 99g of powder and 400ml water. Mine needed about 450 ml as it was really stodgy at 400ml. After standing for 10 minutes I added more water but didn’t measure it so could be a bit more or less than that. After 10 minutes the pasta was done but not overdone. Certainly no crunchy bits. I actually prepped in a round porcelain bowl not the Huel container nor the food flask I normally use.

The sauce is creamy and there is an overall smoky bacon flavour. There’s plenty of parsley too. I would happily tuck into a second bowl right away it was so good.


Mmm, sounds good!

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Sounds great, thanks for the review.

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Shame it costs more than the other hot and savoury bags.


I agree. 20p a meal more I guess can soon mount up. I must admit I didn’t actually notice that when I ordered. I had a referral code and just boshed it in.


SO happy to hear you enjoyed it and congratulations on being the first review thread :star:


Any comment on the price increase? Is this for all new H&S flavors going forward? Will the current range catch up?

So glad you’re enjoying it! I think the spaghetti is a real win. As you say “no crunchy bits”, it definitely hydrates really well!

Do you mean 200ml?! Felt I had to call you out for this in case anyone repeats with 400ml!

Looking forward to trying it, just added it to my subscription. Carbonara is one of my favourite meals.

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I should learn to proof read my posts lol. Bacon soup.

I didnt repeat it but - I also didnt read the instructions either - so I put in two scoops and filled it to the line and it was very watery - im guessing this one needs less than usual then :slight_smile: a little hard to make out if id mixed the bag up enough as there’s a lot going on there texture wise. The smokey flavour is very nice and tasted better than it smelt when first adding the water as it was very pungent initially.

UPDATE - tried it again with half the water and was really good - hasn’t grabbed the top spot but close.

This was my experience. It is not at all clear that Spaghetti Carbonara is priced any differently. I was keen to try it yet I discovered this only whilst I was about to pay.

Please consider greater pricing transparency on the Hot & Savoury product page :pray:


I did notice when I changed my subscription and added in the Carbonara my bill went up however, when the money came out of my account it was correct so maybe a bug in the system?

Anyway, really enjoyed the Carbonara, not as good as a real one but nice enough that I may add it to my rotation.

The price for this flavour is slightly more expensive due to some of the premium ingredients used in this recipe, such as the smoky bacon style pieces. Whilst we do all we can to ensure the best value per meal, this has resulted in a slightly higher price compared to the rest of the Hot & Savoury range.

Although we knew this recipe would result in a slightly higher price, we know that Carbonara is a flavour our Hueligans have been hoping for so we’ve listened and created a more indulgent flavour and added more variety to the range! We really hope that you like it just as much as we do

What are your top three?

  1. Chick & Mushroom
  2. Carbonara
  3. Bolognese
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10/10 line-up Phil :clap:

  1. Mac & Cheeze
  2. Carbonara
  3. Bolognese
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Had for the first time yesterday.
I wasn’t super impressed but possibly need to adjust the water level and make sure enough of the powder goes into the pot as was VERY mild flavour and very watery.
Having again tonight after training.

Okayyyyy much better second time around but won’t be in a massive rush to order more. I expect that I will in the future just for a bit of variety but Mexican Chilli and Mac & Cheeze are still way ahead for me.