🍝 They've done it again - Pasta Bolognese is now nutritionally complete

Courtesy of Huel’s New Product Development team wizards you can now get yourself a nutritionally complete, ready in 5 minutes, Pasta Bolognese :exploding_head:

This means you Hueligans can enjoy the rich, indulgence of classic Italian food while still eating nutritionally complete!

:yum: Delicious
:alarm_clock: Ready-to-eat in 5 minutes
:muscle: High in protein - 25g per serving
:tomato: 26 vitamins & minerals
:bar_chart: 100% nutritionally complete
:hotsprings: Just add boiling water

We’ve made this with penne, not spaghetti, for ease and it really packs that bolognese flavour while still being vegan! We’ve given it a 0/3 for spice :hot_pepper: and it’s the same price as our other Hot & Savoury flavours.

At the moment this isn’t available in the USA, but we are working on bringing it across the pond. All other sites should be able to get this by the end of the day, but if you arne’t seeing it in your account area just yet then please hold off emailing in, as the team are still working on all our sites :blush:

I bet you guys didn’t know you needed this in your life, but this is a simple twist on a classic and you are going to love it.


This I can get behind, nice!

Sorry to be that guy but…

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Thank goodness you announced this today. Just in time for me to change Thursday’s order.

Looking forward to this.

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Think this will be in my next order! :yum:

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Is there anything in the works for the Huel wizards to make the hot and savoury with gluten free pasta?

I recently found out I can’t have wheat (or soy) and I LOVED the Mac and cheese and have been so excited by all the pasta flavours.

Just got the email about the spag bol and now feel sad because I bet it tastes incredible but I can’t eat it :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Yaaaaay! I’ve been waiting for bolognese. I’m so glad I didn’t order yesterday!

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Would you be able to sieve out the pasta included in the bag, and replace with gf pasta? Maybe it wouldnt hydrate in the same way, and I know its a hassle, but thought I’d Id suggest it anyway :woman_shrugging:

Yes I guess I could. Just seems like a bit of waste of the pasta that’s in the bag already! I have bought some tinned vegan Bolognese so I guess I’ll just use that. I like the Huel hot and savoury for the speed and convenience. Sifting the pasta out kinda takes that away from it!

But thanks for the comment xx

Bit like my gran with her stew. You can just pick the bits of meat out.

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If only more vegans were so accommodating and easy to please :laughing:


At the moment no, sorry for that. In development stages we tried so many gluten-free pastas and they have always been massively inferior. So much so we couldn’t go with them. We’ve tried GF pastas from a range of different ingredients like corn, sweet potato, quinoa. The problems are a number of things - awful texture, won’t hydrate without boiling like regular pasta or just exorbitantly expensive.

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I didn’t think so. I guess the only other option would be huel hot and savoury “sauces”. So you can add your own rice or pasta or couscous. Not sure if that is even commercially viable.

But thanks for letting me know you tried! Normal wheat pasta is definitely superior. I haven’t found one that matches the flavour and texture so I completely understand.

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Just tried it… and it’s now my favourite H&S!! Quite a rich flavour, and definitely very bolognese like! Great job team!!
These pasta H&S varieties have all been really superb :+1:


Adding my voice here to say I would 100% buy these!

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That sounds a great idea!

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Surely the non-pasta ones are already that? Before the mush & cajun, I made a quick evening meal from TGC, madras & korma with the steam bags of veggies (ones from Aldi are biggest & best), quorn mince +/or orzo pasta. Easy peasy and takes same time as waiting fir the penne to swell…

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It’s more for the pastas as I agree that the others are more saucy based. I’ve had them with added meat or rice before

Does it go as well with a glass of red?

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You’ve smashed it! It’s delicious and now my favourite! :smiley:

What next? Could we have a Carbonara? Or how about go down a couscous route and Moroccan Tagine? The possibilities are endless!