Pasta. Pasta everywhere. (yes this is a new product launch post) 🎉

We have just upped the game (again?) with two new flavours of nutritionally complete pasta! You’re going to love them.

  1. Cajun Pasta :hot_pepper::hot_pepper: - creamy Cajun-style pasta with mixed peppers, sweetcorn and a kick of cayenne pepper and paprika
  2. Chick’n & Mushroom - a deep, umami flavour with succulent wild mushrooms, chicken-flavour seasoning, thyme and chives

And before you ask, there is no chicken in either pasta! Chick’n, not chicken!

Here’s a short run down of the nutrition. But you can check out our nutritional information page for more!

:muscle: High in protein - 24g in Chick’n & Mushroom and 25g in Cajun Pasta (all plant-based protein of course!
:tomato: 26 vitamins & minerals
:bar_chart: 100% nutritionally complete
:hotsprings: Ready in under 5 minutes - just add 200ml boiling water, cover, leave to stand for 5 minutes and enjoy!

These are actually bangin’. Find out more here - Huel Hot & Savoury

Any questions just let us know :point_down:

p.s. we are working our way through the product pages today. So if you’re from Denmark, Sweden, Poland or use our site and don’t find any new pasta then don’t panic, we’re getting to you!


Well good job I wasn’t in a meeting. I actually squealed. Very unbecoming.

I’m never buying ‘normal’ food again after Tuesday payday.

Thank you. You guys rock.

Mustard in the Cajun one grumble grumble grumble

Ah well, not that fussed about spicy stuff anyway. Looking forward to trying the mushroom one though.

Maybe I am being really dense but I cannot see the new flavours in the list to update my subscription with them. I was hoping to get them in my order which is due tomorrow.

I’ve just updated the post @rami, sorry for not including it before!

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They both sound delicious. Santa will be busy

Not a big mushroom fan but the second one has my approval

I think they are little mushrooms


Although these sound great, one of the reasons I use Huel is to reduce the amount of wheat I consume. I imagine these contain wheat much like the Mac and cheeze?

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Can’t wait to try these!! I really like the H&S!

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Our pastas all contain wheat/gluten. Sorry about that @himji.

Which one are you most excited about?!

How little

Feels kinda wrong to see a Cajun pasta option not be on the US store too, oh well…

Any estimates on if/when you’d bring these over there too?

Well it is panto season…so Buttons


Oooh these look so good!! I’m all about chick’n and mushroom. Will probably order after I’ve finished my Christmas shopping!

I know, sorry about that Austin. They’re gonna be with you in the new year, don’t worry. Aiming for around February, bear with us!

Great news! I’m looking forward to get my next order and try those new flavours. Good job Huel, they look very appealing! :slight_smile:

@Tim_Huel Out of curiosity, have you checked the GI for those new pasta-based H&S? I think it will be higher than the rise-based H&S…

No surprise and I’m sure they’ll still make a great meal. It’s just that if I’m going to cheat with wheat, I less likely to do it with Huel :slight_smile:

No we haven’t Ivan, but it might be something we look to do in 2022.

The GI I might come back higher, but as shown with Black Edition having a higher GI than v3.0, the differences are so little that the variability between the participants in the study seems to have a greater effect.


I’ve only had a taster of both flavours yesterday and I think I made it too watery.

But I’m very excited by these specific flavours too. If they pan out as I hope then indeed that’s lunch sorted for me forever on Huel! There’s enough variety and proper feeling good range now!

But on MYP surely this can’t be right?

I was excited by the new bars too. But agree with another poster about a sort of soapy after taste and general disappointment taste wise. Harsh given I’m comparing to protein bars which are not healthy, such as Fulfil ones. Maybe I will try to melt them.