I tried 4 types of Huel to get one I actually like

TL;DR: I tried the hot&savory pasta, bars, Black Edition (vanilla), and Powder (chocolate), and I only liked the chocolate powder, so far.
Note that I didn’t get Huel to lose weight, I got it because I’m too lazy to cook anything that I’ll starve myself before boiling instant noodles.

  • Hot&Savory bolognese pasta → it’s awful, it feels like it’s food for people who don’t have any teeth and are trying to restart eating. It’s passable if you’re literally starving and that’s the only thing left after you ate the final can of beans…
  • Black Edition (vanilla) → I don’t even know why I ordered the Black Edition on my first order, the normal version is already overkill on the proteins, but this one smells like yogurt that went bad, and has the texture of vomit. I feel great after eating it (normal protein shakes makes me dizzy, this is the exact opposite), but the experience of eating it is awful

I decided to order again and got:

  • Bars → “ideal for snacking”… Might be, but the texture is just awful… I can get the same nutrition from a grain bar + protein bar, for 1/4 the price, and actually feel like I’m snacking on them.
  • Powder (chocolate) → This one I actually like. It’s a bit grainy, but it’s pretty much what I first expected of Huel when I first heard of it.

For people with similar taste experiences (the bad yogurt smell), was that the vanilla flavor’s fault, the black edition, or was I just unlucky?

Anyway, as a general feedback, I really like the “hardware”: the shaker is by far the coolest I’ve had, the pot is cute, the t-shirt is my style.

Just in the interests of balance and a plurality of views I’ve tried BE and v3.0 in every regular flavour, and H&S in pasta-bol, mac/cheez, and chickn/mush and every single slurp and/or bite has been delicious. Some a lot more so, some a little less so, but everyone’s a winner, in my book at least.

The challenge is not overdoing it, some days I’ve had way too many shakes. Like Oscar said, I can resist anything but temptation.

U/U is a bit challenging, but mixing flavours 1:1 with U/U is my new best Huel thing ever. Really like the way the sweetness is more subtle and the earthiness comes thru. Lovely!

I agree with you about the shaker, but can’t judge the free t-shirt yet as I’ve only had it for about a year and I’m still saving it ‘for best’. :blush:

This might be because you overcooked it. I got a really hard (al dente) pasta from it.

This can be solved by using a blender :slight_smile: Simply blend the powder and you’re good to go

Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you’ve found the Huel you like! Out of interest what is your regular diet? I’m surprised to hear you think Bolognese is only acceptable if it was the last thing you had! While it isn’t my favourite H&S (I love the spicy ones and the Mac & Cheeze the best) it certainly feels the least offensive of our Pasta range! I personally love the taste, just not as much as some others.

Why do you think this? Huel is high in protein, but at 29g per meal I don’t think our v3.0 is overkill. The recommendations are a minimum as opposed to an upper limit.

Thanks so much! Hope you wear the t-shirt with pride and promote Chocolate v3.0 far and wide! :mega: