Chkn Mushroom Pasta Problem


Long time Hueligan, first time poster.

I am enjoying the Chkn Mushroom Pasta, however, I always find a small volume of dry unblended powder in the centre of the pasta-tubes - no matter how long I leave it after adding boiling water, or how thoroughly I mix it.

The only solutions I can arrive at:

  • sieving the powder from the pasta and blending the powder first (home)
  • shortening the length of the pasta tubes (manufacturing)

Does anyone else find this/think it a problem?

Or any tips to combat it?

Nope, never had that problem

I’ve never had this problem either. I always leave it to sit for a good 10 minutes after pouring on the boiling water and giving it a good stir.

Not had that problem before and I have been using Chicken and Mushroom for some time. I find giving the bag contents a good mix before each use.

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Firstly, welcome to the forum and happy new year!

I haven’t heard this as a common issue and don’t find this tends to happen for me, can I ask how you prep your meals?

Thank you Charlotte, and a happy New Year to you!

I stir the scoop through the bag to thoroughly mix the dry ingredients, then I add two level scoops to my Huel cup. I add freshly boiled water, stir immediately, wait five minutes, stir again then eat.

I do like the pasta al dente, however, even after waiting longer, I find that this portion of unabsorbed powder remains.

I am surprised to hear that no one else experiences this - and therefore happy to accept that it is not a widespread problem after all.

Jenny, I have noticed things like this across the range and put it down to me being a wee bit scruffy with my preparation, sometimes having crunchy pasta, un mixed powder etc. i do notice things are better if you stir after 5 mins then leave the lid on another 5 mins.

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Thank you :smiling_face:

I would definitely say the mix you mix the better as it helps to get to any small powder pockets that haven’t been absorbed by the water yet!

Thanks everyone.

The powder pockets are inside the pasta tubes: and no amount of stirring will shift them.

I have reached the conclusion that if you enjoy Huel H&S Pasta al dente, then powder pockets come with the territory.

Also true of just following the instructions.

That said - I would like to see Huel adjust the preparation guidelines to reflect the reality experienced by users:

…For the sake of both simply honesty and improved customer experience.

Thank you for your feedback on this, I will make sure this is passed over to the product team to ensure you guys have the best instructions to make the best Huel meals in the future