Chickn & mushroom consistency and flavor + peanut bar

Hey guys,

Overall pleasently surprised by how good the 7 different H&S I’ve ordered is.

This Chickn and mushroom could be elevated easily I feel like though, it’s a little on the thin side when prepared per instructions, so maybe a little bit of thickener and then just a little boost on the taste side, some nutritional yeast(which you could also throw in your mac&cheese to elevate that one) and a bit more mushrooms would probably fit well in there.

I also had the first of the bars, the peanut bar(I’ve ordered all the flavors), and that was a bit of a weird one for me. I love peanuts, but this one threw me off a bit, like there was something off in there(it reminded me a bit about an insect bar my mother bought a few years ago and asked people to taste, without disclosing ingredients). It was gritty with a very very firm texture and yeah, maybe do some more testing on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

All in order, pleased with my order :slight_smile: I’ll update when I get through the rest of the bars.

EDIT: Oh and yeah, the 5 minute instruction for all the pasta dishes is off by about 5 minutes, unless you really like crunchy pasta :sweat_smile:

Hi @DanielPB did you ensure that the dry contents of the bag, pasta and powder, were thoroughly mixed before scooping? Makes a huge difference if you don’t have enough powder in your scoop. Agree that 5 mins is not enough. I pour on boiling water, stir well and cover then let stand for 10 mins and stir again.

Yeah, everything is shaken thoroughly and I’ve just finished my 4th serving of it, so really gave it a fair chance :slight_smile:

Regarding cooking I do boiling water, stir, wait 5 min with lid on, stir again, wait 5 min with lid on, stir again and let sit 2 min without lid and eat

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Just tried the coffee and caramel bar as well, same weird consistency and weird taste+aftertaste, but slightly better than the peanut bar. Certainly smells better than it tastes, I guess these bars aren’t for me and I’ll just stick with the H&S :smiley:

Hey Daniel, welcome to the forum! Thanks for diving into Huel, 7 flavours of H&S straight off the bat? Here we go!

Be sure to add a little less water to the Chkn Mushroom Pasta if it’s a bit thin, agree with you on the timings, I usually make it when I get back from the gym, go shower, then it’s perfect by the time I come down! Let us know which H&S is your favourite!

I think the Bars are going to grow on you. I think initially you’re expecting one of those decadent protein bars or a really sugary granola bar, but I think you’ll grow to love them! Something which is great, although mildly inconvenient, is to pop the bar on a plate and microwave for 20 seconds or so. Makes it really soft and gooey like a dessert!

Hey Tim,

I tried adding less water yesterday but as a result the pasta had a hard time being properly soaked(even with stirring multiple times during its “cooking” period), leading to some of them having some unwanted crunch :stuck_out_tongue:

I think my fave is the bolognese, good flavor and consistency. I do think that the chickn could take the fave spot with some improvements :smiley:

I’m halfway through the chocolate version today and considering throwing the rest out, they really aren’t to my taste. The consistency is so dense and sticks in your mouth with some weird aftertaste I can’t quite put my finger on. Somewhere betweem chemically and just off, I probably won’t be reordering those again. I think I could make something similar by taking neutral protein powder and mixing it with a little nuts and some dates and then just compressing the heck out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what I was expecting was more sweet flavor and more pronounced flavor of the labeled flavor. If I was blindfolded I would have never guessed chocolate for the bar I just ate. The caramel coffee one I had yesterday smelled on point in terms of caramel, but no coffee at all, taste was also very very subtle caramel and no coffee.

When I read the title, I read it this way:

the consistency and the flavour of the chicken & mushroom are highly enhanced when you melt a peanut bar in it!

Have you tried this? It could be an exciting idea (Huel team: happy to check this out for you if you send a bag of Chicken & mushrooms and a bar! I will film the process and result! :joy:).

Really sorry to hear this. The Bars aren’t to everyone’s tastes, some love them, some really don’t. We don’t expect everyone to like all of our range, but it’s great you’ve dound a product you do really like in Hot & Savoury.

Haha maybe! It certainly wouldn’t be as nutritious that’s for sure! But might taste pretty good!

hahaa, oh goodness no please don’t! We will pay you not to :laughing:
(kidding obviously!)

Shhh don’t tell @David :laughing:

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I put nutritional yeast in most of them but to be honest that’s because I just love it. I also the d to throw in a few olives. The bolognaise is my favourite too - either that or a scoop of bolognaise and a scoop of the Mac and cheeze

A mixer, interesting :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure I’d go for bolognese and mac and cheese though :stuck_out_tongue:

I did get my hands on some nooch or nutritional yeast and it makes the chick’n instantly better. Also added som likemeat chicken pieces, that really helps everything :smiley:

I’ve actually just tried a 50/50 mix of Bolognese and Mac and cheese. Not something I would have tried without reading about it.

It’s actually very nice. The colour is a bit pink but the Bolognese and the cheese work well together. It was much better than I expected.

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Same goes for Cajun, think it goes really nicely with Mac & Cheeze (Mexican Chilli + Mac & Cheeze too!)

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I will give those two a go too then and get back to you.

Just had my lunch which is a third cookies, third strawberry and third unflavoured. I realised that I do prefer a big dose of unflavoured in with my flavours otherwise they are just too sweet.

It’s surprisingly good - someone on here recommended it

Tried this yesterday, pleasently surprised :smiley:

Do you have any details on when new flavors are coming? I wouldn’t mind a few more to alternate between :slight_smile:

Cool to hear that you’re interested in new flavours. It might be something we are exploring :male_detective: :shushing_face: haha, what sort of thing would you like to see?

Uhh, interesting. Don’t mind beta testing if you are interested :smiley:

I’m not really a picky eater in my own mind, so I’d be up for anything that isn’t overly spicy. The Mexican chili is just the right amount of spicy, going higher than that, I don’t think I’d enjoy that.

I’d love to see something utilizing structured pea / soy protein better to create some texture. I’ve added chopped up “likemeat” chicken pieces to the chickn and mushrom, it really kicks it up a notch.

Perhaps some Pho/ramen type thing, but instead of a clear broth, then something mushrommy delightfulness.

A stew type thing with some good hearty earthy flavors, perhaps a vegan Coq au Vin, with freeze dried carrot pieces, mushrooms etc.or a goulash type thing, I guess they are fairly similar?


Pad thai?

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Also: bought some dried chanterelle mushrooms yesterday, ground them to a fine powder in my blender and just added a teaspoon of it to my pasta bolognese, really kicks things up a notch :smiley: Something to think about.

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Love these ideas, Daniel! All sound delicious to me.