Change the shape of the pasta in your H&S meals to fusili to stop the pasta from staying crunchy after 5 minutes

I’m talking about bolognese, chicken&mushroom etc. (who use the tube shaped pasta, i think its called penne)

I think the reason why alot of people complain(at least in the subreddit what i have seen) about it staying crunchy after 5 minutes is due to the surface tension of the water + the thickness of the sauce that prevents the water to completely enter the tube shaped pasta. Leaving “dry spots” or air bubbles inside. Theres a simple solution to that though, just alter the pasta shape from penne to fusili. That might resolve the crunchy issue.

or just stir it as you’re adding the water


I don’t have any crunchy pasta the way I make it. As @Phil_C says, stir as you’re adding the water. Plus I like to leave mine covered for 10 mins then give another stir before eating.


I use an 800w microwave 1min 30sec and stir and back in again for 1min and my pasta is all nice and soft but not too soft like mush.

I would respectfully suggest that the O.P check the wattage of your microwave and adjust timings accordingly.

Please check out this website [Microwave conversion table] (Microwave Power Time Conversion In 3 Easy Steps • Blog, Microwave Oven Info • Microwave Master Chef)

In the meantime please find below a quick guideline attached for those people who just want a quick guide.

I hope that this helps


thx for the table thats interesting, I personally dont have an issue once i started stirring properly. But i do notice the issue popping up on the subreddit hence why i suggested this here.

Hi there so pleased you found the table interesting.
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First 2 times I had Huel’s pasta Instant Meals, I hated it as a lot stayed crunchy and tasted terrible. I used a kettle both times, adhering precisely to the guide. Have used a microwave ever since and never had a single problem again.

Personally I think it would be better for the Instant Meals packaging to show kettle and microwave equally side by side, rather than a large kettle guide, then a small ‘by the way you can also use the microwave’ part underneath, as the microwave has always delivered far better meals for me and others I know who faced the same crunchy issue with the kettle. Plus, when microwaving, you can add frozen stuff to it too like peas, edamame beans, etc.

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Considering Axl Rose once signed off a letter in response to a bad review in the 90s with ‘Stay away from microwaves’, I think the data is clear: singers don’t like microwaves.

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Pitchshifter had a song called microwaved too. You could be on to something

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The reason for this is because if you’re out and about you’re more likely to have access to a kettle/hot water than a microwave. However both can be used it’s purely down to personal preference.

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Oh yeah for sure, it just seems odd IMO that more prominence is given to what appears to be an inferior method. As the microwave part is smaller, it’s natural to not realise it’s even there (e.g. small print our eyes gloss over), or to assume it’s of lower importance/quality. Just think equal weight for both methods would be more understandable and useful for people.

I have both hot water dispenser/kettle and microwave available but never think to use the microwave for H&S

Oh Huel is a lifesaver when travelling, since you can just go into a coffee shop and ask for some hot water. The employees may loot at you funny while you pour hot water into a black flask, but little do they know :eyes: