Hot and Savory is always crunchy. What am I doing wrong?

I’m new to H&S and have tried several flavors. No matter how much water I use, or how hot it is, or how long I let it sit, its always undercooked and crunchy. Any tips?

Buy a new kettle?

I’m not sure that even makes sense.

Your kettle is only heating to 45° hence the problems. HTH

What’s the ambient temperature? If you’re adding water at 100* and letting it sit out for 5-10 mins in very low temperatures you’ll be losing some of the cooking effect. Particularly if it’s windy. I made H&S at c.0* and it helped to use something for insulation while it cooked, but it was no problem. Best to use the Huel H&S beaker too (or similar)… A glass, metal or ceramic container can get very cold in extreme temps, obviously.

It’s always windy if there’s Huel involved. PARP

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My favourite is Chick’n & Mushroom and I always, always let it sit for at least 10 mins after the boiling water has been added and I have given it a good stir. I either use the Huel pot or a Sistema soup mug and keep the lid tightly closed.

I typically make my hot huel, two scoops in a bowl, a little salt and pepper, add boiling water straight from the kettle (about a pint) and then stir well. Leave to stand for five minutes and final stir before consuming. If its a pasta based huel, the odd piece here and there has a teeny crunch, but its still ok. The other savoury huels, like the mexican chilli really do soften up and expand so again, all ok.

I would try and borrow someone elses kettle and have a go in case yours is faulty.

As a few people have said sometimes you might have a slight crunch mostly underneath if not mixed well when water is added, but it’s unusual to always experience this. Have you tried adding in the microwave instead to see if this makes any difference?

H&S must be too complicated.
Have some toast.