Preparing Hot and Savory

I’ve been using Huel powder for 4 months now and have some Hot & Savory on its way.
I ordered pasta bolognese, Mexican chili, and sweet and sour.
What’s your preferred method of making?
Add boiling water or microwave?

Boiling water, and plenty of it too. Stir well, ten minute wait, stir again. maybe add a sprinkle of black pepper or whatnot… Lovely!


Boiling water for me too. I add 280ml to two scoops then stir well before leaving to sit with lid on for 10 mins which gives me the consistency I prefer.
Always make sure your dry ingredients are well mixed before scooping, can make a lot of difference to the finished product if not.

Thanks for the replies. I used the microwave method from the bag and the consistency was not the greatest for me.
I’ll try the boiling water method

For me it’s definitely boiling water too. We include a microwave method because in the US it isn’t as common to have a kettle (us Brits and our tea, eh!). So it’s much more common to heat up water in the microwave.

Let us know how you get along! If you’re still getting a little crunch after 5 mins then pop the lid back on a wait a little longer!

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My way is strange but works for me. I weight out portion in a bowl and then add the water cold. I let it sit a few hours then warm through in the microwave. Always nice and tender for me. :ramen:


After a bit of trial and error with the pasta meals, I measure mine out into a thermos food flask and take to work dry (with a generous pinch of pepper). 15-20 minutes before I want to eat it I add boiling water. I found that the Huel pot cools too quickly to cook the pasta but this works perfectly - also it stays warm if I want to wait longer. I tried making it before leaving home but it ends up a bit mushy.

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+1 for boiling water. I would leave any with pasta for 10 minutes to soften. 5 minutes is fine for Chilli etc.

Boil water, pour in a bowl of Korean ramen, mix in Huel, wait about five minutes. Tomato or Mexican Huels, haven’t tried the others this way yet.
I’m decadent that way.


You mean the spices/flavours, or that you add noodles in addition to your Hot & Savoury?

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I start with boiling water, stir well, then finish in microwave

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Another vote for boiling water. The pasta ones are best after 10 mins with the lid on. At work I take the dry Huel in my black huelpot then add hot water shortly before my lunch break and leave it on my desk to taunt me for the longest 10 minutes of my life…

Adding my voice to noodles for the tomato one!

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For 2 Hot and Savory measures I use 250m/300ml of boiling water on a pasta bowl, well mixed with a spoon, before covering with a plate. Minimum 15 minutes covered. Only tried Thai Green Curry, Mac & Cheese and Mexican Chili. My best experience is with Mexican Chili ( a keeper). Mac & Cheese will rotate but I will pass Thai Green Curry, overly sweet to my taste.
I intend to use Hot and Savory as simple as it is.
Next order and tastings will be Korma, Cajun Pasta and the Madras.

I make the bowl ramyeon, noodles and spice, then add one scoop-ish of H&S. A ramen like this JIN RAMEN MILD BIG CUP 110g – Daegu Korean Supermarket

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Mind you, I also eat the Huel without any of that, especially the Tomato & Basil. Sometimes you just want a comforting, basic tomato soup.

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@Jes you’re the first person I’ve come across who also finishes the cooking in the microwave like me!

I used to just use the boiling water method, but now I use boiling water, more than needed, so it’s like soup! Then I pop it in the microwave for 2 mins, stir, 30secs… Keep doing this until the desired consistency and cooked.

I think the crispy bits that dry out and stick to the side of the bowl really elevate the flavour of every single one of the h&s I’ve tried!

Just make sure you mix it really well when you’ve put your boiling water in, you don’t want any pockets of powder left when you put it in the microwave :grin:

Too right, I use my kettle so much I’ve set it up on alexa so I can tell her to turn it on without getting up from my desk :joy: I even have a morning routine set up so she boils the kettle when my alarm goes off :joy: I drink waaayyy too much tea!

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I find when I cook it just adding boiling water that the powder texture is too raw tasting. I must use more water than expected, too, but I do not measure it; I just cover the portion with water in my (upcycled luxury greek style yoghurt) tub. Stir it really well and cover with the lid.

Adding the time in the microwave after it has waited for a while (maybe even gone cold) makes it taste properly creamy. I sieve the pieces of tomato out in advance, because I have a stoma (colostomy) and don’t digest them very well. My husband uses them in soup (like cup-a-soup, only “souped up” a bit)!

I used to really love packaged macaroni cheese made from dry macaroni when I was in college in USA in the 1960s. This is so much like it!

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I’ll be honest I don’t wait for it to cook a bit before microwaving, I just pop the water on and then microwave right away, but might try your method to see if there’s a big difference!

Excellent idea with giving the tomatoes to your husband to use in his soup!

I’m sorry about the stoma, that must have taken a lot of getting used to, hope you’re okay!