Warm huel


Has anyone tried warm huel? Just wondering as I’m having a hard time staying away from all the hot food I’m actually not allowed to eat…all in all it’s making me ill…could anyone help me with this please?

I tried u/u in microwave once - think porridge oats. Whilst I don’t remember the details it wasnt great. I did promise myself I’d try again but never have.

Also with miso, that was better and more recently. Did it after another person’s post on here - I’m sure you can find it. I will try miso again for sure - I feel that can work


Warm not hot is the key difference here. ~50C should be doable.

You can either use a mix of cold water or with boiling water, mix and then add Huel; milk; tea; or any other liquid (including soups) that you can warm up before adding Huel.

When you add Huel, do not do it in the shaker and close the lid. #1 reason plastic makes heated liquids taste like crap. #2 Huel Volcano is something you want to avoid.


Now that you mentioned it, I can’t stop dreaming of trying it. :smiley:

That would just be another journey finishing in Mount Doom…

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Definitely! You can also make Huel savoury. Try our Satay Curry Hack. There’s also a post here about miso Huel!

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