Making Huel porridge

Just experimented with making some huel porridge and it turned out splendid!

My steps

  • Put 2 scoops of vanilla huel and about 300-400ml of soya milk/cows milk into a large bowl or huel bottle to shake then add to large bowl (Mixing with spoon in bowl can be awkward)

  • Put in the microwave for about 1:30 mins. Stir halfway through and check the heat.

  • Voila! A warm/hot bowl of huel porridge that tastes fantastic!

I initially did this with 3 scoops but it was way to thick and lumpy so I had to eat some of the big lumps out. To spice it up add some fruit of your choice (goji berries, blueberries or bananas would be the bomb!)

Huel is criticized for being a liquid food which doesn’t activate aspects of the digestive process when you normally chew food. I’m no expert but I ended up chewing this so this could be a quick and easy workaround.


Awesome recipe! Good work!

Have you tried with water?
Just I’m old-school/Sottish & make my regular porridge with just water & oats.



I use 25g of porridge oats and 200ml water, microwave until cooked (it’ll still be runny) then slowly stir in 1 scoop of any flavour huel (which sweetens it also) and add a little cold water if needed. That provides about 275 calories which allows for plenty of fruits, seeds etc

So you don’t add any oats to make it into porridge? This is just hot Huel?

Yeah, the original posters recipe is for a hot Huel. Since Huel is largely oats, it would be quite reminiscent of porridge.

I have Huel porridge for pretty much every weekday lunch but I do 50/50 oats to Huel. It’s a lot more textural and feels much more like traditional food than with just pure Huel IMO.


Huel reminds me of ready brek. As a kid I ate that most school days. I suppose you could have a 50 50 meal of readybrek and Huel and it would be amazing.

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Didn’t they ban that for irradiating innocent children?


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