Mastering the art of porridge with Huel


Hi all you Huelers!
My breakfast is always devoted to a good oat porridge when I’m at home or, at work, I’m back to using Huel with a fruit.
I wondered, as I have the availability of a microwave at work, any advice on a porridge with Huel?
I saw the recipe that includes a scoop and 250ml of water.
Has any of you ever tried it?

My morning meal is around 100gr of Huel and I wanted to get some feedback from you on a recipe.
I’m very good with oatmeal and water / milk and never tried to make a porridge with Huel since I’ve always shakered it normally.
Thanks a lot in advance and I can not wait to read your tips and see your photos!


Hi Raffaele. My breakfast is Huel granola these days so have never thought of trying to make porridge with Huel powder. I look forward to hearing others’ views though :grinning:


I’ve tried cooking Huel and I wouldn’t repeat that. But if you mix Huel with cold water, then add hot/boiling water and give it a good shake it’ll thicken up considerably. I added coffee too.


Guess I’m going to try that one, actually seems more obvious as well :rofl:
Pre-mix the Huel and add it as a liquid instead of just adding the powder.

My instant noodles (soup) last week wasn’t bad, but those lumps are a pain, eating with chop sticks :sunglasses:


@Africorn really good idea! I’ll try. Tomorrow I’ll in a rush for sure but it is still a good suggestion in general, even if I don’t have any experience with Huel + hot water.


I might have misinterpreted your comments, but the recipe includes 100g of Huel and 500ml water. Just in case you end up with some really watery porridge.


@TimOfficialHuel thanks a lot Tim!
I’m very happy you told me, I don’t know what trouble I could combine then with the thickness!
Thanks, I’ll let you know as soon as I start boring my basic Huel:

  • 100gr (Vanilla or Berry)
  • 100ml of whole milk of a friend’s cow
  • a long coffee
  • 600ml of water about

Ohw and I have seen the new Bars!! Gotta try it, never bought it before.


So, I finally tried this today. Cup-a-soup, add hot water, mix up a bit and add Huel-mix and stir up again.
As expected, the taste of the soup changed quit a bit (used U/U), but was still really good and filling.
Though, as I intend to use only U/U for this, it requires a soup with a rather present taste. :grin:


I was gonna try soup with a future taste. I guess that won’t work…


Not yet, ofcourse.
Try again in the near future :stuck_out_tongue:


I do have a recipe for that but I’m not sure if that is what you’re looking for. It’s more porridge with Huel then porridge made completely of Huel.

250ml Alpro coconut
Half a banana (cut in small pieces)
~25gr Brinta (depending on the thickness you like)
1/2 scoop Huel Original

We really like this as a breakfast since it adds way more flavour to the porridge.