Anyone for porridge?

So, I started today! Was just wondering has anyone tried using for porridge with milk in the mornings?

I tried making porridge with the earlier version of Huel. Not with milk, just with water. It didn’t quite work. It was edible, but not as nice as drinking the cold drink.

Right! Good news folks!!Just made porridge. 2 scoops and milk. I added a pinch of salt to dampen the sweetness and (get this) squeezed the juice of a quarter of fresh lime to cut through the sweetness again. Absolutely lovely!! Highly recommend to start these cold winter days.

PS. It ruins the pan, sticks like glue, currently soaking!!

I highly recommend Huel on Weetabix, with a dash of honey. Delicious! In fact, I could eat that all day and will, starting now…