Miso Huel: Yummy AND Savoury!


Just thought I’d share a pretty easy savoury way to consume Huel.

I’ve been buying the easy miso soup packets from Itsu, they’re only 21 calories and a great source of probiotics (for all you dairy free people like me). I make the soup in a mug, shake up 2 scoops of unflavoured Huel, and then mix it together with a spoon. BOOM! Tasty Miso Huel!

Ps, I love m y food spicy so I usually add in some extra chilli too.



Gah this sounds seriously good. Going to check this out, it was 8 degrees this morning and I was really craving a warm Huel but had already made my Vanilla the night before. We might whip this up at Huel HQ and add it to the website if you don’t mind!


Of course!

So you presumably make the miso as per the itsu packet.
Then take 2 scoops of Huel and shake it up with something - the hot miso? some cold or hot water? how much water?
Keen to try this but suspect I’m missing something :thinking:

Sorry, I should have specified!

You’re right, I make the miso as per the instructions on the packet. I then shake up 2 scoops of huel as normal with cold water (I use approx 400ml with 2 scoops). I attempted to shake it up with the miso soup but that caused a bit of a soup explosion, so I quickly learnt my lesson! I then gently stir in the miso soup to avoid any mess. The hot soup mixed with the cold huel make it the perfect temperature to eat/drink straight away! Obviously you can add as much water as you like, I like my miso soup quite watery so I usually fill the Huel flask pretty much to the top by the time I’m done with the mixing. Trial and error really!


Got it now, thanks for the extra details.
Will be trying this once I get some more miso this weekend.
Really keen to find some savoury with u/u options and this sounds promising.


Just tried it this evening - forgot about the details above, so made it up as I went along

Went with 2 x Miso sachets into the empty shaker- 1 each of regular and chilli Miso. Then I added 100ml tap water, then 250ml of just boiled water. Added 2 scoops of U/U and took care- with all of the posts on here about hot water and shaker explosions - I was well warned!

Start shaking - more like gentle swilling really, then relieve pressure via cap. Less gentle swilling - relieve pressure. Do this a few times, increasing to your normal shaking - should easily get away with no explosions.

Drinking it - my first reaction below

  1. Temp was slightly too hot
  2. Was thinking its nice to have something that isn’t sweet, but it was a fair bit too salty. Didn’t notice any chilli amongst the saltiness.
  3. Slightly too thick - a bit too soupy

Thinking about a bit just now - first mouthful felt odd with the non sweet taste, but I think thats something that will fade. Definitely good enough to persevere with the odd meal over next few weeks. i’ll go for a few tweaks to saltiness / thickness.

Next time I’ll vary it up -maybe 1 x Miso & 1 x U/U with 100ml cold and 150ml hot or 1 x Miso & 2 x U/U with 150ml cold and 250ml hot.


Perhaps you should have blended it. Like a fiery hot, chilli infused, nutritionally complete, ramen typhoon.



No blender here - minimum effort always!

I think I can make it work with a few tweaks to the miso to water / u/u ratio.

Might be that a thicker texture is preferable for savoury…

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Just wanted to thank you for sharing this great idea - I am really enjoying my lunchtime miso Huel combo. I haven’t tried adding chilli flakes yet, but will give this a go tomorrow :slight_smile:


Another option I’ve found is vegetable or chicken stock tastes amazing with Huel, especially if you add chilli!

By chilli do you mean seasoning or something like sriracha sauce?

Just as an idea, might be worth trying to mix it with chocolate huel too, a bit of chilli chocolate is always nice ;D

I just used regular chilli powder, but I’m sure a sauce would work too!

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