Successful Tomato Shakes?

Morning all!

I’ve been using huel for lunches for about 2 or 3 months now and really enjoying it!

However, I have only been using sweet flavours. I’m getting a bit fed up of chocolate, mint chocolate and vanilla though! I enjoy them all but sometimes they just don’t quench my savory craving. Considering it is the first and only thing I consume before dinner most days, it would be good to add a few savory flavours to my menu.

I used to have tomato soup for my lunches. Does anyone have any good tomato based recipes? Had a good search of the forum but not much came up :s Hoping to use three scoops of unflavoured huel and to consume it from my shaker. Also I only have access to a microwave at work, so it’s got to be super easy :grimacing: :joy:

Also a big fan of Marmite. Heard there may be a few good recipes with this??



If you’re craving umami/savoury flavours that work well in liquid format, try miso.


I’ve never tried Miso, might give it a go. Plus stock cubes??



You sir, are welcome.


I had seen this! Reckon it could be heated to make a soup? :smiley:

Nah, I’d just go straight miso. Either a sachet or if you’re fancy, a spoon of the paste version.

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Marmite - yes, I’ve tried that. I dissolve a heaped spoonful in water, cool and make up a 3 scoop Huel. Vary the marmite quantity depending quite how strong you like it.

Miso’s a good tip, I’ve got half a packet in my fridge so looking to use that up, I’ll give that a go!


Maybe. I wouldn’t heat the Huel ideally, perhaps heat the tomato juice first then blend with the Huel!

I’m a big Marmite lover so I’ll try this :+1:
Just sent an unopened Vanilla bag back to get it exchanged for U/U. Will keep you posted if I find anything else that’s good.

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Totally agree with this - it would be really cool to have some premixed Savory Huel recipes - I have quite a few friends who use Huel who agree too :slight_smile: (If you do that please make it gluten-free too :slight_smile: )

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That’s brilliant! I don’t seem to be able to convince anyone…

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Haha! Lots of my friends are techies so I think they were already half way there :slightly_smiling_face:

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