Savoury recipes for Huel?

Hi all,

I have been using huel for around a month now and I’m actually loving the way things are going.
My only gripe is I’m sick of all the sweetness (I’ve never had a sweet tooth) and would love some savoury options t have instead.

Has anyone experimented with trying it savoury and can give me some insight as to what might be good?


This is one of our favourites!

I love nutritional yeast, pepper and tomato. Sometimes I add celery or cucumber. Yum!

Do you like marmite? Or (in theory) Bovril, or vegemite? A heaped teaspoon of marmite dissolved in water, cooled and used to make Huel is lovely… if you like marmite!

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I actually love marmite so this sounds great to me!