Savoury Cravings?

Hi! Been using Huel on and off 2 meals a day for a few months. Aim is to lose weight and avoid expensive daily lunches as I work means I’m on the road all day.
I have found myself craving savoury after my lunch Huel and often end up spending 100 cals on a bag of salt and vinegar crisps!!! Is this a normal experience?
If so, what savoury/salty treat alternatives are you all using?
This throws me off the wagon at times which is disheartening. The only solution so far is a handful of raw radishes with a little salt on top.
(Ps plant based suggestions if poss pls!)


i sometimes do veggie based Huel drinks that in the past have included blending in ingredients like Kale, Beetroot, Spinach, Mint etc. If i want something savory and salty as a treat - smoked salmon will max out that salt requirement real quick :slight_smile:

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Have you tried adding various spices to Unflavored/Unsweetened Huel powder?

A combination of fresh minced garlic, paprika, ground pepper, oregano and cloves, perhaps with some crushed chilli pepper will make Huel savory and taste like pizza.

(or at least so I am told)

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Not too sure about mixing Huel with savoury food atm I find the thought of a chunky textured salty drink a bit gross!
I guess I am looking for healthy snack ideas to add some variety. I’m not planning on an entirely Huel based diet.
Salmon is gorgeous but not plant based :frowning:

I use a real high powered blender that makes short work of everything i throw at it so definitely no chunks :slight_smile: I don’t add any salt to the things I put in there but try to find a good mix of savory tastes that compliment each other.

You’ll find it tastes a lot better than you imagine even if it doesn’t always look the most appetizing :slight_smile: this one was spinach, broccoli, wheatgrass, kale, apple and mint.


This actually looks quite yummy! How much Huel are you using?

500ml water and 100g Huel

That looks good to me. I have a vitamix…but have never tried that sort of recipe.

Using freeze dried veggies in the shakes works really well in the blender and the drying process retains the majority of their goodness. Powdered dried greens are also an option although these generally lose more nutrients and almost all of their naturally occurring fibre if that’s what you’re after. My blender model has a ‘green’ smoothie preset which makes the whole mix as smooth as a shake but wakes the neighbors with the motor noise :slight_smile:

How many scoops is 100g? Lol #noob

One UK scoop is roughly 38g but always best to weigh rather than rely on scoops if you want accuracy.

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Are scoops different sizes in other countries?

Ask @Tim_Huel about scoops don’t ask @hunzas whatever you do he blows a gasket at the word scoop in posts lol.

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In America, yes. As you see, it’s a very fraught subject :grin:

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‘Old’ = What the UK/EU get sent.
‘New’ = What the USA get sent.


I actually cut the word scoop out of my dictionary.

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Yes that is normal, specially if you are used to salt. I put always a great pinch of salt to my Huel, try that, it reduces a lot the crave

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Will this scoop be coming to the UK any time soon?

Honestly, if you’re craving something savoury then just eat something savoury and allocate it within your daily cals. That way it doesn’t feel like you’re “cheating, falling off any wagons or failing”. Just allow for it within your daily calorie allowance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly. This is what I did, still do.

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