Making savoury Huel taste good :)

Hi, I’m only a couple of weeks into Huel, but I feel like I’m getting on really well with it :slight_smile:

I’ve read a few posts about people having trouble with the Unflavoured/Unsweetened variety. This was something I wanted to solve for myself because I have a savoury palate and couldn’t hack having a vanilla shake for my lunch!

Anyway, after a couple of failed attempts I’ve found that it’s pretty easy to get a tasty savoury Huel going on. The Knorr stock/flavour pots do a really good job, and I now just stick half of one of these in (I tried with a full pot and found it overpowering). Then I add additional curry powder/peanut butter or chilli sauce. Mixed with warm water, I find this is a really tasty lunch. Not all that different from soup (which was my usual previous lunch).

I bought this cheap blender on Amazon and my Huel has a lovely, even consistency.

I might try regular stock cubes next, which are smaller and cheaper, and I’d like to try some beef/bacon flavours to satisfy those cravings, but I think I have a good base for future experiments!

Most importantly, my snacking at work is basically nil. I’m really pleased with Huel!

I also experimented with the unflavoured/unsweetened Huel with stock, peanut butter, Tamari etc and it makes a nice savoury gloop for lunch times. I have also liquidized Huel with a thin homemade vegetable soup and heated up - that works really well for a soup-style lunch too.
For breakfast I’ve been liquidising Huel with soya milk then heating gently in a saucepan and it makes a really nice Ready-Brek type porridge which feels very warming and sustaining in the colder mornings.