New to Huel, looking for savory recipes

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Huel, been having in for almost a week now, loving it! Using vanilla only for now, with either blueberries+almond butter, banana+almond or peanut butter, or with frozen berries (my favorite so far). Now I’m looking for some savory options to have for lunch. I read on spinach, avocado, apple, and am looking for further ideas :slight_smile:

pork pie and branston pickle appears not to be one to try.


Yeah, not crazy about that far out :wink:

U/U Huel with a tsp of Marigold Veggie stock powder. This was recommended by another member here and it’s a lovely change from all the sweet recipes bandied about. I also quite like coconut milk/water instead of just water with U/U Huel.

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Thanks, for now I’m looking for recipes that would work well with Vanilla

Difficult to do savoury with vanilla as it’s so sweet. Some kind of sweetcorn fritter might work if you add chopped chilli and herbs to overpower the vanilla, but it could also be disgusting…
In terms of drinking recipes, you could blend all sorts of greens with fruit and vanilla huel like you would with a smoothie, but I’d still count that as a sweet recipe.

Yeah I agree…vanilla and savoury…not really the best combo…hence Hurl rather than Huel.

yep i tried to add my vanilla hurl to my meals since i wasnt loving the taste of it on smoothies. it just ruined every meal i added it into …

I just made a savory one with unflavored HB. 12 oz room temp h2o, 2 scoops HB, 1 clove garlic, 3 mini peppers, 3 med green onions, handful of fresh cilantro, kosher salt and pepper to taste. Bullet it. Enjoy!

As for vanilla, I would go in the direction of a curry paste perhaps.

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yup I’ve used a vanilla mix as a replacemnt for cream when I’ve been making large batches of dishes that require it like stroganoffs, curries etc - works really well.

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This looks delicious, do you drink it? Or eat like a soup? I’ve made a satay Huel before with unflavoured, really liked it but it was strange to consume like a drink (it was warm though, not room temp).

I just drank it. It was hot outside and tasted so fresh that I didn’t get to the warming part! I’m ordering the vanilla and I’m going to challenge myself to come up with some savory options to share. The Satay Curry looks delish!

I’m adding another fresh summer semi-savory UU recipe that may work well with Vanilla. This one is 2 scoops UU Huel, 12 oz water, 1 fresh mango, fresh cilantro, 1 tsp tajin seasoning (or more, depending on your preference). Blend and serve chilled or over ice. I also warmed a portion of this and added a tbsp of sour cream, a generous dash of Cholula hot sauce, and salt & pepper to taste. The hot recipe was ok, but I think the mango/cilantro mix is better cold.

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This is pretty wild! Such fresh flavours :hot_pepper: :mango: Would never have thought to put mango in. Do you drink this in the shaker, or in a bowl with spoon like gazpacho? I just can’t imagine the citrus/sweet of mango working in Huel! Love your style.