Ramen Packets?

Hey guys, I just started with Huel and it’s not bad. I bought 2 vanilla but must say it is way too sweet with the typical 1:5 ratio.

I put more water which helped a lot, but even with that I don’t know if i can continue on the vanilla (i should have gotten the 1 uu and 1 vanilla but hey, im learning to let go of my mistakes).

My question is: has anyone added a savory powder or the like? I saw something about macha powder but im sensitive to it’s caffeine content (yes, even green tea can screw with me).

I was watching my sister eat some ramen and wondered if anyone had tried a ramen mix or something similar to the UU huel? is that just too silly? difficult to adjust calories or health benefits?

The thing for me to continue using huel, is to make it a stupid simple as possible. I kid you not I was going nuts the other day because i didnt have my measuring cup and i couldnt process how to measure accurate amounts at home. (like i said, im learning to let things go, but it’s a process >.> )

I’m still exploring the forum but a lot of what i see deal with hot savory. I’m hoping to still eat it cold if possible.

A teaspoon of Marigold Swiss vegetable stock (no msg) with 2 scoops of UU and 500ml of hot water makes a nice ‘soup’ kind of Huel. I’ve not tried any cold savoury option because that really doesn’t appeal to me, but you could probably just use water from the hot tap at its hottest if the kettle is too complicated :wink:

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that sounds really good! I wonder if Huel would trade one of my vanilla for the UU…

When I first bought Huel I got 2 packets of vanilla and found it waaay too sweet. I asked Huel if I could swap and I was told that I could return (at my own cost) any unopened bags in good condition for a refund/swap. But in the end I decided that was uneconomical, so I just bought 2 more UU and starting doing half and half, which works for me. Ultimately I have found that, despite my initial strong dislike of the vanilla sweetener taste, I have got used to it and when it’s half and half I actually enjoy it (even more when I swap 100ml of the water for 100ml of Alpro coconut (milk alternative) my personal favourite!)

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That’s a good idea. Thank you. I figured that they would say something like that.

Half and half sounds like that ways to go to get these gone. I don’t think i can get through 2 whole bags of this thing even with adding more water. Which surprised me because i could have sworn i read about people thinking it wasn’t very sweet. So it was a bit of a shock haha.

A friend of mine drinks Vega Protein shakes and she swears by coconut water which i just dont know about. I would think it would add some sweetness to the vanilla so maybe ill try that when i get UU huel.

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I write an occasional blog of sorts tracking my Huel journey on the ‘Experiences’ pages under the heading ‘Overweight Sugar Addict’ if you’re interested. Good luck with your journey :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look for sure! I’m trying to loose weight myself so hearing other’s stories would be helpful i think :smiley:

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Mainly, I use a 50/50 mix of uu and vanilla, and that works fine for me; if I want to add other flavourings (usually flavour packs or flavdrops I will use uu.

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I really think people taste sweeteners differently. Some people think stevia [EDIT I mean sucralose] tastes very natural but to me it’s very overpowering. I read a few posts in this forum before buying and almost posted asking for opinions but luckily went for 1 bag vanilla and 1 UU with my first order. I considered buying just UU but was scared by Huel’s ‘IT TASTES CHALKY’ warning. 50/50 is really good.

If you’re waiting a while before ordering some UU and still want to find something to neutralise the sweetener, don’t go for salty, umami flavours like ramen seasoning or marmite. It’s just not good. Instead, you need to find something that has some bitterness but is not salty- blend in some oats (though this of course changes nutrient ratios if you’re concerned with that), or some unsweetened plant milks have a natural bitterness to them. Or make the flavour more complex to make the sweetness more palatable- cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves for example might make it better without adding calories? Turmeric and ginger could also work well and have some fascinating health benefits.

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Thats really helpful thanks! especially since i don’t think i’ll order the uu very soon.

I recently tried two scoops of huel vanilla with 550 cold-ish water and ice, and it was much more palatable than even with 500 of just cold-ish water.

I will be trying out those Klaire! Like i said, that’s really helpful to know because I suck at flavor combinations, I totally would’ve given up if i tried the salty things. That was my go to plan atm so now to adjust!

Thank you all!

*goes off to experiment.