Salty recipes for Huel U&U with no extra kCal?


I’ve placed my first Huel order and i have choosen the U&U as i don’t like too sweet products.
I think I have made a big mistake as i find this U&U flavor horrible.

I’ve tried with less water and curry powder and it is even worst to my opinion.

Would you have salty recipes to recommend but with no kCal addition?


I’d like to know the answer to this one too :slight_smile:

I was quite looking forward to trying some tasty savoury Huel using U&U but pretty much everything I’ve tried so far has been pretty grim. The only thing I’ve tried that was okayish was UU made with carrot juice rather than water. However, carrot juice is quite sweet anyway so I’m not sure that counts.

UU Huel is, however, very good for mixing with the overly-sweet Vanilla flavour and toning that down to something much more palatable.

Hi. Have either of you looked in the ‘recipes’ category? You may find some ideas there.

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Yeah, I tried a few of those with curry powder, stock cube etc, but it didn’t really do it for me.

I find cacao powder plus instant coffee plus a sweetened plant milk eg alpro almond, hazelnut or coconut, makes the UU delicious.
Go easy on the alpro as it thickens it up more than water. 50/50 milk/water is good, using slightly more liquid than you normally would (2 scoops to 6/700ml. Refrigerate for 4hrs or stick in the freezer for an hour - delicious.

If mocha isn’t your thing, peanut butter powder works well.
Chai tea is good aswell (brew it strong then let it cool then mix with Huel then refrigerate) altho I would recommend adding honey or coconut nectar or other sweetener for a chai blend.
Other ideas:
Miso soup
Golden milk (plant milk plus spices eg cinnamon nutmeg cardamom saffron coconut turmeric etc)

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Sweet is fairly easy but savoury is a different matter. Think I would find it very easy to make Huel undrinkable with a failed savoury recipe, even though I do like savoury things.

I tried miso previously but didn’t like it (perhaps a bit too salty). I haven’t tried marmite with UU yet though, so may pluck up the courage to give that a go.

I’ve found the key with savoury flavours is to make it very watery not thick, and to have it hot / warm (not boiling). I mix up 1-1.5 scoops in a small amount of cold water, then top up to 700ml with hot water.


Thanks, just tried the marmite and followed your recommendations to have it hottish and more watery - I did 50g in ~350ml. I was pleasantly surprised, definitely much better than any other savoury one I’ve tried so far.


I am definitely trying this! Marmite on crumpets is my go to, let’s see how close I can get :thinking:

Marmite and Tahini is THE BOMB
(Either on toast / crumpets or in warm Huel…)

I like Marmite on toast but really don’t fancy Marmite in Huel :nauseated_face:

I like to make my huel kinda thick (125g huel in 350g water), shake it and then consume it out of a bowl with some Tamari soy sauce on top. I sometimes add a couple of drops chili sauce (as far as i know the chilisauce i have is only made out of chilis and some sort of vinegar).

I had this cold and warm and liked it both but the consistency got thicker when i used warm water.

But I think it’s important to take a good tamari soy sauce, one you really like and not a cheap overly salty one - because you obviously gonna taste it a lot.

Maybe I’ve got to add that I really really like the taste of the unsweetend one without anything added to it - sooo i may have a special taste haha

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