I'm starving!

Congratulations Huel team, you’ve developed the perfect food, probably the type of food a lot of people will use in the near future.

I’m using it for three weeks now and I really, really love it. I love it’s convenience, I love the transparency of the production, I love the nutriousiness, BUT everything is so damn sweet. Don’t understand me wrong, I do like sweet stuff, but 24/7? Meh!

So, do you guys think it’s possible to have some hearty tastes? I would love to have some carrot ginger coconut soup, chili tomato stew or sweet potato peanut cream. Just mix the hearty Huel with warm water and have a wonderful dish.

I’m not a food scientist, but I do not think that this kind of Huel would be impossible to create. Is something like this in the pipeline or are there some serious reasons why every huel is sweet?


Agree completely
Huel actually works really well in spicy savoury dishes. I add it to soup all the time

Have you tried unflavoured & unsweetened Huel (UU)? You can add in your own savoury flavours.


Yep, I’ve done this lots of times.

Warm UU Huel plus an instant soup packet (tomato, minestrone, mushroom, etc.) is great IMO.

Even just vegetable stock powder or miso paste can make for a nice warm drink.

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I’m considering giving Huel a go with the pot noodle flavour packets that come in them, that or getting just a whole bunch of big tasty sauce from McDonalds…


Use UU.

How many calories do you normally use?

Huel can be sometimes unfilling, I agree. In my case, Huel is great at breakfast 550 kcal (depends on the day, a couple of eggs and break may fill you better) and the main meal of the day 650kcal. At dinner I prefer a normal meal.

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I like this idea! Might have to buy some UU next time, and try it out!

theres methods to use UU and add spices and herbs or a blender and add what you want…

but i get the convenience aspect…

furst thoughts wen sum1 else said it i thought no…

but savoury flavours might not be such a bad idea… in the future…

I definitely agree. Hedgehog flavour like the old crisps would be my go to.

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bodacious @hunzas