Great Huel recipe I discovered!

Hey guys! I’m new to Huel and just got my first order in. After some experimenting I’ve found a recipe that I really enjoy and thought I would share!

200mL unsweetened vanilla almond milk
200mL water
3 ice cubes to help with shaking
3 scoops unsweetened Huel
Add pure maple syrup to taste (I usually add about a tablespoon or less)
Add a dash more water depending on the consistency and shake until blended.

I know maple syrup is high in sugar but supposedly it’s one of the better natural sweeteners you can try. I was skeptical but this tastes great and was easy to drink! I made another with more almond milk and less water and that was good too. I’m going to experiment with using sweetened almond milk and a much smaller portion of maple syrup. Let me know if you try it and what you think!


I make something like that but use this instead of maple syrup. Tis good.

I made this this morning, perhaps a little sweet for some. so may be next time I would reduce the amount of dates

370ml cashew milk
2.5 scoops of vanilla (95g)
22g dates
Handful of blueberries
3 ice cubes
Blend 30 secs

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