Easy ways to spice up your Hot&Savory

Just got my first Hot&Savory order, and I absolutely love it. Such a game-changer. To be able to eat a lot of it, I’m looking for easy ways to switch the taste up a bit.

There are already a few great threads about recipes, which I’m sure are fantastic, but for me the point of Huel is spending as little time (and money) on it as possible, with ingredients that one might already have at home that don’t need to be prepared, and I hope we can gather all the little ways of spicing it up in just one thread.

As an example: I just added a bit of butter and a big chunk of Cheddar I had in my fridge (didn’t even need to grate or cut it), just after the water, and it did enhance the taste.

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I guess you could add some veggies and tofu to bulk it up. Quite cost effective , or if you don’t mind the carbs you could add a flatbread along side. Instead of cheese you could instead of water add a milk to make the curry milder, people do that with ramen. You could of course add noodles or rice too. All I can think of at the moment !


I think sauce is your friend here. I like spice and Tomato and Herb, although tasty, is lacking spice for me (because it’s meant to!!), so I like to add siracha to it. Tabasco has been recommended too here. What sauces and condiments have you got at your place? I would just start experimenting with a teaspoon at a time!! Probably going to reduce the impact on nutritionals, compared to adding cheese too.

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Half a teaspoon of bovril works for me, or marmite! And a little ground pepper!


Yes, Marmite is good, as is a veggie stock cube.

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Buy some small and evil chillis, 2 of them sliced up and popped before you add water works brilliantly. Habanero sauce is outstanding.

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Just got mine a few days ago, and have been having Hot and Savory for dinner. Since in my pre-Huel days I used hot sauce in nearly everything, this is the first thing I reached for to liven things up. It’s a solid upgrade for flavor and taste no question, but what was immediately shocking is how my tolerance for very spicy sauces has plummeted significantly.

I had been using Huel powder exclusively for just over a month, mainly to jump start some Covid inspired weight gain, and my normal dashes of ghost pepper sauce nearly killed me. Will take it much easier on the sauce tonight or else use something more pedestrian like Tabasco.


Various quick things I’ve tried are: Paprika, chilli powder, basil, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, fish sauce, MSG powder, stock cubes, dried chilli flakes, soy sauce, chopped mushrooms, balsamic vinegar.

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Msg powder? That’s interesting, where do you get that?

I got the Ajinomoto brand from eBay but you can also buy it from Amazon or most Asian supermarkets.

I use it instead of salt, you only need a tiny bit but it really adds to dishes that are missing a little something, especially curries & stir frys.

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I have been alternating adding these to the TC for dinner of late:

Though one thing I have noticed is that Huel Hot and Savory soaks up the sauce like a sponge. I need to add it very liberally to get it to blend well throughout. Habernero based sauces have been working a little bit better in this regard to be honest, as the pepper has more of a citrus like quality that seems to blend better.

Ah, I have a bottle of the Dave’s one; the other brand I don’t know.

For the T&H I often add a big squish of Sriracha and a small squish of ketchup to the mix.

TGC I like it as it is, but I’ve added a dash of Tabasco to help increase the heat

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Sriracha is a good shout. I do that too

Bloomin’ love Siracha! Some of those ghost chilli sauces look hectic, need to get involved.

Has anyone tried The Triple - a combo of Tomato and Herb, Thai Green Curry and Mexican Chilli?

I just did it. I clearly have been using my Hot & Savoury pouches very evenly because didn’t have a full meal in any of my pouches, so decided to make a jumbo meal from all of them!

Photos here

Ended up with:
81g T&H
27.8g of Mex
61.2g of TGC (I think, I might have forgotten to zero the scale, which makes it a total of either 142.2g or 170g meal)

Added 250ml boiling water initially, it was too thick for me, so topped up with another 50ml.

It was good! T&H was a good base, then it has a little chilli and a it of zing too. Enjoyed it and would recommend!


Looks good Tim - I’ve been really surprised how flexible H&S is - you really wouldn’t have imagined it before trying things out with it.


I use half and half T&H with TGC and love it.

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Yeah mate, many people tend to hate on T&H for it’s lack of flavor, and to be honest I have joined in on this chorus. However, my opinion is beginning to evolve a bit as I am starting to view T&H as more of a blank canvas for me to create my own flavor profiles from.

Last night I added sweet corn, pico de gallo, cayenne pepper, and fresh diced cilantro to it and it was a lovely combination.

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Haha, I mean out doing me on those photos there Phil, these look DELICIOUS!

Yes yes. Love the sound of those flavours!