Flavor up Hot and Savory mixed with complete protein?


I love the Hot and Savory, but I wanted more of a Huel black level of protein.

So I’ve started mixing 75% H&S with a full serving of Huel U/U complete protein: it ends up at ~ 40 grams of protein per 400 kcal.

But one of the issues is how to help keep the H&S flavorful: the extra 30 grams of unflavored can water down the spices in H&S.

Does anyone have any ideas of some low-calorie spices or other additives I can use to get some of the flavor back? I generally eat the pastas, Indian Curry, Yellow Curry.

Also any thoughts on using U/U protein to increase the protein content of H&S in general? Open to other suggestions of how to get that protein.

With the exception of roots and seeds, most ground spices will add negligible amounts of calories to you meal. There are none that a teaspoon would add more than about 10 calories so you can experiment with pretty much whatever suits your taste buds.

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.

I found this thread to also be helpful, so I’ll be trying some of these too: https://discuss.huel.com/t/easy-ways-to-spice-up-your-hot-savory/19549