Spice hot spinach curry huel

Tonight I - more or less by accident - found my favorite (untill now) curry huel. Served over rice or even as a curry pasta sauce Im sure non hurlers wouldnt even know that the main ingredient is huel

50 g fresh spinach (frozen could work too)
5 g herbamere veg stock
5g chia seeds
70 g U/U huel
1 tablespoon hot curry*
300 ml of very worm water
All all the ingredients and blend 1-2 mins

Serve in a soup dish and eat with a spoon! (Its drinkable too but on the thick side)

*The curry amount is a guess as a huge amount went in by accident when I tried to add around a teaspoon - I didn’t want to waste my huel so I added the spinach and chia seeds to take some of the spice out. Result was a creamy curry soup like thing

I really enjoyed it, will definitely make it again, and maybe serve it with chickpeas


I wonder how it would taste with New Vanilla! :thinking:
No, don’t call the doctors, I’m just kiddin’ :crazy_face: :smile:

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Haha this made me laugh a lot! I can imagine your face in the kitchen when a massive pile of spicy curry powder fell in :no_mouth:, I was wondering what the chia seeds were for - did that help?

The best way to remove spice is to add whole, peeled potatoes which will absorb the liquid, then you can top up with more liquid!

Sounds great though, can’t wait to try that one.

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On other occasions I’ve experienced that adding chia seeds tends to make the taste a bit bland along with adding some thickness - so I thought adding chia seeds and a bit of water would keep the texture but remove some of the curry. I belive it dit help

Thanks for the potatoe tip, I seldom have potatoes in the house though (and do you use them raw or cooked?)

You are totally right, Im sure it would have been fun to see - I did laugh at my self for being lazy and not fetch a teaspoon, although now Im not unhappy I didn’t :slight_smile:

Good, because I do think it sounds a bit faul with a Vanilla curry :smiley:

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No more than my nightmare recipe: the Vanilla Tuna Huel! :smiley: