Recipe mistakes

So I’ve been using Huel for a few days, and it’s been going well. But I do miss having spicy food, so I decided to try mixing some Jalapenos into my Huel… BAD IDEA! It did not taste good.

Has anybody else experimented with adding difference food/flavours to their Huel and came up with something awful?

At first I really didn’t like the vanilla flavour, so I tried to go with unflavoured, but that basically tastes like Dickensian Gruel on its own, so I tried it with added raw cocao powder (yuck, bitter af), then tried adding cinnamon to ‘sweeten’ it, doubt yuck (bitter and now minging - basically tasted like the smell of my pantry, not good!)

On a more positive note, have you tried unflavoured Huel with a teaspoon of vegetable stock (I like Marigold/Swiss because there’s no MSG)? Make it with hot/warm water and it’s just like soup - yum! You could even start with that as a base then add some curry powder to make a curry type one - might cure the spice cravings? :slight_smile:

Ooo that sounds interesting. I’d not thought of making it warm… will give that a try!

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I quite like both cinnamon and raw cacao in my Huel…but that is vanilla/unflavoured as a 50/50 mix.

I did try once some sugar free passion fruit syrup…but that was minging.

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I’ve had some beer with ghost peppers in once, it was like drinking fire. Not pleasant.

Chai spices with Huel on the other-hand, lovely.

Besides that I tend to stick to Huel flavours or cold brew coffee, keep it really simple these days.

I have mixed feelings about warm Huel with turmeric in it. Nearly good but not quite there. I wonder if another addition would fix it.

Yes that would be nice, but in the unflavoured, not so much :stuck_out_tongue:

My recent guests left behind a carton of Alpro coconut (milk) so I decided to make my breakfast Huel with it. It’s 20 cal per 100ml and I used 400ml with 1 scoop V and 1 scoop UU. It was pretty sweet, but very coconutty and rather nice!