Huel curry

Next week I am going on holiday for two weeks to Goa in India. The main reason that I am going is completley unrelated to Huel and food but that is not the point and I am not prepared to discuss that.
Out of interest - do any of you think that Huel could be combined with curry or made into a curry?

Yes we have a recipe.

Easily shaken! No need for blender. This is how I did it:
Add 250ml boiling water to shaker
Add half veggie stock cube and swirl to dissolve
Add peanut butter, tabasco and curry powder
Add 150ml cold water.
Add 100g Huel
Top up with 100ml cold water and shake again.

I have tried this recipie before. I used all of the above ingredients including curry (in which case i added a king prawn jalfrazi from my local indian takeaway) and it turned out to be less like a curry and more like huel.

The recipe is to add curry powder.

Aah,that makes sense now.Also why add 250ml of boiling water and 150ml of cold water? To save time why not add 400ml of warm water?

You need the boiling water to dissolve the stock cube, and the cold water to cool down the mixture so as to preserve the nutrients (heat-sensitive vitamins) in the Huel powder.

If you want an authentic curry go for this. It was awesome but I think most people thought I was crazy to go to this much effort. But real authentic Indian curry does require many different spices… it’s not really that much effort