Warm Huel?!

Hi there,

So I’ve been on and off doing Huel 100 % for the last month as I have a 1/2 marathon coming up and it’s so easy and I know i’m getting everything my body needs… Just with the weather taking a turn for the worse, I’m finding it harder to drink. Is it ok to have warm?

Thanks in advance

There is no reason why warm huel will not work, although I have not personally tried it. I’d hope it may be like warm ready brek but it probably wouldnt be…whatever you do, dont use VERY HOT or BOILING water in a shaker as it may explode. If i wa going to do it I’d add 50% of cold liquid and huel to shaker and shake it up vigorously nd then add the hot liquid and gently shake it.

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I can confirm that this is nice.

I would also like to try using hot instead of cold water, but I’ve always been worried about the loss of micronutrients and antioxidants. How much loss of these could I expect if I used hot water? Would it be necessary to take an all-in-one supplement to account for the losses?
In theory most micronutrients are added in larger quantities than would be necessary; so small losses would not make that much of a difference. The problem is just, that it is very hard to estimate how much would be lost.

making hot huel what a time to be alive

Providing you don’t use boiling water to make it, there shouldn’t be any significant micronutrient loss. We haven’t done any official studies to be able to share I’m afraid.

I asked other complete food companies about that topic. The team from JJ answered, that they add excess amounts of micronutrients in their hot instant meals to compensate for the degradation of certain vitamins. I am only interested in the powders, though, and they don’t do it for these.
Maybe it would be enough to take an additional supplement and just get the macronutrients from shakes.
But a Hot&Sweet or Hot Drinks product line would be great. No company offers that so far, so if you introduced such a product you would attract a large customers base - as I am not the only one who likes hot drinks.

yes, I think something like a (single serve) fortified instant coffee drink with powdered oat ‘milk’ would be a definite winner and fit in with Huel’s convenient nutrition on the go thing.

has anyone ever mixed some powder into a hot n ready for an extra “kick”?