Hot or cold water?

The title says it all - do you make this with cold water?

Yes, cold water. Then I put it in the fridge over night during the summer.

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cold water. Or boiled water allowed to cool to room temp or less. I wouldn’t use hot.

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thank you. expecting my first delivery tomorrow.

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chilled bottled water + ice


thank you.

Yes, with ice is nice - unless you have sensitive teeth.

I use boiling water straight from kettle for my breakfast, it works well, and cold through the the day for my 2 scoop shakes.

For me is always hot, from the kettle. I don’t like cold soups, and as I use a bit of stock with my huel, feels like soup so, hot hot! :wink: I shall try it cold in summer, though.

Not tried it hot yet. Was thinking of making a savoury one so will try hot with that

ok, so can be either. I had my first shake for lunch, the unflavoured unsweetened one, had 3 scoops in the shaker - loved it, it tastes like oat cookies, and I felt great afterwards - you know that feeling you get when you eat something really healthy and good for you? Wasn’t at all hungry all afternoon, and am looking forward to another one soon.

I’ve always had cold water, not sure if I’d enjoy it hot.

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Always hot

Both! I go for cold usually, but I did try it microwaved and I’ll be doing that once the summer is over!

Cold. Found hot water harder to mix in the shaker at work. No idea why.

I use both and I have also noticed that in general it is easier to mix with cold water than with hot one.

I have also mixed it with some diet soda, the bubbles seem to make the mixing easier, and it’s not bad for summer, but I was wondering whether this could affect the nutritional properties of the product… any idea?

Cold, crushing ice or left in the fridge overnight, especially when sweet.

I’ve done hot in soup style but I heat water to 70º with the measuring kettle, they said boiling water changes the nutritional values of Huel.