Hot Huel?

Hi, I’m a newbie. Into my second week of Hueling one unsweetened lunch replacement daily. I began my quest to a healthier life with a forty day fruit and veg juice only detox back in April after watching ‘Fat,sick and nearly dead’ on Netflix. I transitioned back into solid foods and
then I started my day with a juice, had an apple and banana and a healthy Pret sandwich/wrap for lunch and a vegan evening meal. I was borderline obese and on meds for high blood pressure when I started and am now 20kg lighter and medication free (15kg lost after 40 day detox). My daughter mentioned a friend using Huel so I thought I’d try it out.
As you all know we had a hot summer and a cold juice from the fridge was a refreshing start to the day. It’s cold in the mornings now and I’m struggling to drink a cold juice for breakfast. This morning I had a three scoop unsweetened Huel with a spoonful of instant coffee (first caffeine since April) and it was ok. The trouble was that I prepared it last night and refrigerated it.
Will I be able to make it in the morning with hot water? I have read a load of posts on this forum and the only mention of hot Huel that I found was that of a Huel left in a warm car that had started to ferment.
Juices can’t be warm because all the nutrients will disappear or something more technical but I really don’t know what will happen to a Huel bearing in mind that it will be finished within a short time of being made.
I hope someone can help me with my dilemma.

Interesting movie. Quite like that one and the standard Supersize Me.

I have not tried Huel hot, but my experience with hot (boiling hot) protein powders is that this tends to denaturalized and create lumps. You just can drink it. I would be afraid of something similar happening to Huel.

I think you just need to play around perhaps. The other thing is that plastic shakers are not good with heat. The shakes take a strong plastic flavour. So you would have to use something else.

I would say test that with maybe just one scoop first. My only experiment with hot Huel was trying to thicken a vegetable soup and I would not repeat it.

I like my Huel room temperature.

Heat is going to really affect the vitamin content if you go overboard. Warm is probably ok, but hot - not so much. Especially vit c.

When I added hot chocolate to my Huel (don’t ask), it hit the oats and turned to porridge. Not ideal in a shaker bottle.

2/10 will not attempt again.


Hm, I add hot coffee to huel loads without problem. Usually have a half full pre-mixed shaker mind.

Think you might have hit on the solution there. Make up a like warm huel and add hot black coveve or whatever. What was it now?

I like my Huel like I like my men. Cool.


I like it freezing cool too, but since it’s starting to be colder at evening, I’m starting to experiment with warm too. Up to now it’s just ambient warm, but in the winter I’d like something hotter. Maybe something like 30-45 sec in the microwave water before blending? It shouldn’t be too bad for nutrients.

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Let us know how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I’ll just have a hot drink on the side…

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Yeah that’s not a bad idea. :smiley:

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I like my Huel like I like my women, cool. With a hot bit on the side for refreshment.


And with transparent clothing like the Huel shake? Oh never mind. :smiley: