Warm Huel in a Thermos for 5 to 9hrs, doable?

Only my first week into Huel and had a quite a rough start from going all in with no ramp up. Now I’ve cut down to one serving but I prefer consuming warm huel since I find it more gentle on my guts. Chilled or room temperature HUEL prepared straight doesn’t digest as easily for me.

Would making warm huel then popping it into a thermos for 5 to 9 hrs be detrimental? I’ve seen a number of responses from James Collier stating there is a slight hit to the nutrient profile if you microwave or heat it up gently into a porridge.

In my case I’m microwaving the powder for 1 min, then stirring in 50% warm water (50 degrees C) and then blending per normal with room temperature water. Microwaving chilled Huel isn’t an option for me at my workplace.

Be good to know if this kind of warm HUEL in a Thermos is ok compared with HUEL being unrefigerated for an extended period of time. Most of the take HUEL with them go the chilled option for long periods of time. I haven’t tried making warm HUEL, then chilling it to see if this is just as digestible.

People tend to be pretty down on leaving Huel unrefrigerated for long here, because it’s an excellent nutritional source for other things as well as humans. I’d guess that keeping Huel warm for a long time would be even more of a no-no. My two thoughts would be either starting it off hot (I think 60C+, but not an expert) to make sure nothing can live in your Thermos, or just keeping hot water in the thermos and mixing the Huel in a shaker at lunchtime.

Yeah, that’s the question mark I’m curious about because the of the added vitamins. Oats are oats, as are all the whole food ingredients. Maybe it’s another one for James to qualify. Thanks the tips. Using less water when making it before transport then adding hot water after kinda is a decent alternative.

It seems to me that transporting Huel while it’s powder is the most sensible option if that’s possible. Any access to a kettle? If so boil water, mix it with colder water to your preferred temp and mix. If no kettle then maybe just take the hot water in the flask and mix when needed?

BTW did I read that right and you are microwaving the unmixed powder? Interested in why do that step? I wouldn’t of been completely surprised if the end result is something that ends up on youtube for some dramatic reason.

Yup, that’s correct. I’m still testing this but I find (at least in these early few weeks) the Huel digests a lot easier. Either its the uncooked oats or the flaxseed. In either case microwaving ( 500W x 1min) or using cooled boiled water breaks something down. If I go straight Huel it kinda becomes a brick in my stomach. I’m wheat intolerant plus nuts, soy, beans don’t mix well with me. I’m not allergic, they just tax my digestion.

The powder/kettle combo makes sense and if I wasn’t working in Japan, I’d be in the office with my own handblender and a kettle. BUT, simple stuff like that isn’t workable where I am, hence the thermos flask question. Because I’m a little unsure if heat over an extended period of time is bad, I’m making warm Huel, then dropping ice cubes in the thermos.

My stomach issues went from 100% I ate concrete powder to 15% glacial methodical bliss with a small grumble here and there. If I don’t go warm Huel, that jumps to 40%. Surprisingly, I’m still getting the mild headaches (could be simply not enough water), dry mouth and skin flushes (sucralose?!?). I’m waiting for my Bertrand order to arrive (lots of unflavoured) as a comparison. My hypothesis is that I’ll need to get off the Vanilla Huel and switch to unflavoured.

In a few weeks I’ll make a post about my experiences since I got the pimples, stomach aches and all kinds of teething issues (but to be fair, my body was in the wars from constantly getting food allergies). Huel has allowed me to reverse some of this and I’m 50% as healthy as I was when I could make 100% of my meals and it seems to be improving.

The uncooked ingredients is an interesting point of discussion though. I’m not a fan of raw foods, which is echoed from a Chinese medicine standpoint. Also, I’ve found have a little bit of Amazake (Japanese fermented rice drink which could be kinda similar to Kefir or Kombucha) after each Huel meal also seems to help.