What's the best way to warm-up Huel?

So I put my Huel in the fridge overnight because the texture improves a lot, presumably because water gets absorbed by the oats. The problem is that I dislike drinking something cold, my throat just doesn’t react to it well.

Usually I just leave the shake in my room to let it heat back up to room temperature, but that takes too much time.

Would heating Huel up in the microwave impair the nutrients? Like, what’s the answer for real? Because I don’t want to sacrifice the nutrients for some convenience. I also thought about pouring Huel in a bowl heated by some boiling water, although this method is quite messy.

if you have a very high speed blender you could give it a whiz in that - the friction from the blades warms liquids up - especially if they are thicker.

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Sadly I only got access to a hand blender at the moment which probably wouldnt be too good for that, but that’s a good idea nevertheless

Stick it in a microwave. Leave the lid on for added fun.