Hot Chocolate / Hot Mocha - method suggestions please!

I’m struggling to drink a refridgerated Huel now the weather is cold.

Has anyone successfully found a way to make a Huel hot chocolate or Huel mocha?

I would usually make a normal (non-huel) hot chocolate in a pan with cold coconut milk and raw cacao and heat it up, but I don’t want to ‘cook’ my huel and lose the nutrients so I’m thinking of making it with off-the-boil water.
Obviously I can’t just add the hot water to the shaker, add the huel and flavour boost, shake and go… I can see that ending in disaster.

I do now have a blender but tend to only use it when I want to make a savoury huel recipe with veggies and spices, or when I want to make my huel with ice. And I like to make it in large quantities to make it worth the effort. Making a single hot chocolate in the blender feels like a lot of work.

Does anyone have any tried and tested methods they would recommend?

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You can do the chocolate the usual way (but quite thin) and then let it cool a bit before adding Huel. That’s what I tend to do when using Huel warm.

There are people who cook with Huel too.

Also, using a mug instead of the shaker helps (avoiding the plastic taste and the Huel volcano)

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How would you mix it then? If not in the shaker? I’ve tried whisking it into water in a pan or mug and it doesnt mix well at all!

I was thinking the other day it would be good to have a proper porridge version of Huel so you either microwave it for a couple of minutes or cook it in a pan.

Be aware that it will have to be pretty liquid to mix better. Use the handblender if you have one.

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ah hand blender is a good idea! I dont know why I didnt think of that - I was just thinking of my new jug blender which is okay for large quantities but a hassle for one drink!

This is what I have been craving a bit @Ian42 !
I could easily make it into porridge by simply simmering it in a pan like I used to do with my porridge oats and pea protein in the morning.
But wouldnt this diminish the nutrients?
If the vitamins are destroyed by the cooking process then its a waste of huel really and I might as well just make porridge with oats, flaxseed, pea protein and almonds like I used to

@Tim_Huel or @JamesCollier are you able to comment on how much of the vitamin content is destroyed by cooking with Huel?
Sorry if there is already an article on this - I couldnt find one.
Perhaps just point me at it if there is!

I think it would if you heat it up, I am sure it was mentioned somewhere on here. That’s why a new proper Huel porridge would be great if it could be done somehow.

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There may be some loss of the labile micronutrients like vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin A, but heating covered would minimise this


I know it’s a few weeks later but… I put cold water in the shaker, then Huel, give it a good shake then add hot coffee, top up with hot water, and shake again. I tried this when I had flu and the cold Huel sucked out my body heat like a Dementor. Now I do it all the time for my breakfast Huel.


I’ve also done the adding a hot cup of coffee to some pre made Huel and it’s quute nice on a cold winter morning.

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Only a few :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha love that description. Have vision of dementor clamped to Marcie’s face :dizzy_face:

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