I expect the answer is no but anybody tried Huel Powder warm/hot? Kinda like a Horlicks I guess. My Nana keeps asking if she can have it hot

Hey guys, my Nan is struggling with Dementia and living with us, so she forgets she has asked and keeps asking if she can have it warm and asking me to heat it up.

I keep saying no, haha. But since she has asked me now 10 times I thought I would ask if anybody has tried it hot Horlicks style?

I have tried it warm, it’s not like horlicks, more like readybrek.

I do have some vegan horlicks and have yet to try adding it to Huel, but I think it would be a great combo.

yup - the vanilla or original also works well if you use it instead of water when making porridge

Hey there, thanks for the message. Oh bless your Nana, I hope she’s coping with the dementia.

Plenty have tried Huel warm. The Huel powder formula has not been optimised for heating unlike H&S, our concern is with the quantity of nutrients degrading/reducing in Huel Powder - so it’s not that you can’t make Huel warm, it’s just the result will likely be a less nutritious Huel, as opposed to a rancid Huel.

So warming your Nana’s Huel shouldn’t be a problem.

Interestingly, before we released Hot & Savoury we got this tested in H&S, and actually the result was not as bad as we first thought it would be - fewer nutrients were degraded.

Could you show which components were affected by the heat?Also could you show the method and temperature used?

During winter I use warm water for Huel at 35-40 celsius degrees aprox. This is an interesting topic for me.

My bet would be on vitamin C. The rest should be stable as long as you’re not reaching close to boiling temps.

35C-40C is no problem at all when consuming it. It only becomes a problem when Huel is stored at those temperatures.

If I remember correctly, every ingredient in Huel reaches at least 35C at some point during processing - from the old topic about whether Huel counts as raw food.


Thanks! I also expected the Vitamin C to be the most delicate to the heat. I think James explained briefly years ago.

For the Huel team, as some users are starting to heat up the powder with the release of H&S and the winter, it would be interesting to make an article explaining the ideal temperatures, method and the loss of X vit/min when using this method.


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Totally agree. I feed this to my mum lol and she would love a warm version that she can enjoy just before bed.

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