Cooking warm meals with Huel

Hey team!

I’m back in Huel, and boy did I miss it!!!
As well as the support team which is fantastic.

I really enjoy mixing it with yoghurt when I eat breakfast but wanted to get some inspiration or advice for dinners.

I like to cook enough brothy dishes that I can add a half scoop to condense Huel with.
What experiences/recipe ideas do you guys have for cooking or supplementing Huel with explicitly hot or boiling dishes?

I currently use the new Cinnamon and love it, but will be restocking soon.

Cheers from NYC,


Hey Raffaele, it’s lovely to hear from you again, welcome back!

WOW look at that view :us: :cityscape:

So you shake up your Huel as normal, but instead of using entirely water you use a little bit of yoghurt too? That sounds pretty good, does it mix well while shaking?

For using Huel Powder in hot food, I don’t have much to offer you. This is an oldie but actually pretty good if I remember correctly.

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Thanks Tim!!!

I forwarded the download link with the pics to Josh of the Customer support in the US, he was lovely!

The link is going to expire today:

Maybe I can think more of a recipe book concept for using Huel in the kitchen, and actually got a pretty huge potential business partner for you! What’s the best email to reach for biz enquiries?

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