Hot Huel - the results are in

Just curious

  • Never tried it, never will
  • Haven’t tried but would surely like to
  • Have tried would not recommend
  • Have tried and thought it was pretty good
  • Bloody love it!
  • Other

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Sorry I know there was already a thread about this but I don’t think we’re using polls enough :grin:


Do you mean hot as in spicy hot or hot as in warmer than warm?

If spicy hot I tried a few times but can’t recommend - however there are many variables here. For instance, I used vanilla huel and sriracha. Ginger went much better and also I’d love love love to use lemon juice but unfortunately it coagulates the Huel really easily.

Using UU Huel and possibly chilli powder, jerk sauce, some Nando’s sauce or maybe even black pepper your mileage may vary.

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Yeah I did actually mean heated, like using hot water to make the Huel or putting cold Huel in the microwave or something. I mean it’s basically just fancy porridge right? :wink:

I drink heated sometimes and its pretty cool, but you have to use some milk because with just water the taste is worse. 50 water 15 milk 35 huel.

I just had one warm tonight. I normally do to avoid lumps

Half a stock cube, curry powder, peanut butter, tabasco. Not bad at all. Takes a lo-ot of shaking to dissolve everything though.


I’m with you! Awesome combination!

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Lemon juice coagulates Huel? I haven’t tried it but I wonder why it would. Does it do that even if you put it in the water before you add the Huel? Now I’m going to have to try that :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve blended both coffee and chocolate Huel for two or three minutes in my vitamix which makes it lovely and warm. Somewhere between room temperature and boiling. A cool hot chocolate I guess - I loved it!


Ooo love that, I don’t have warm Huel much but you’ve definitely convinced me on this. Must try!