Hot Huel options

I currently have the chocolate huel with a booster. It was ok with the salted caramel booster but now just tastes like cold hot chocolate. Does anyone else warm up their huel?

After this batch I am moving to vanilla so not much more left.

Yes I like my huel warm in the winter for comfort eating on chilly days. I start with cold water then huel powder, blend and then add some warm kettle water. Dont have the water too warm or you could find its splatters everywhere when you shake it. This is a personal preference to me. :heart_eyes:

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Hot Huel options…well maybe if you wait a wee while longer an answer may be apparent…there’s something afoot from the Huel boffins…and to me it appears to involve warmth/heat - although may just be spices I guess. If not, it’s just in time for these fast approaching autumn temperatures.


Yep. Warm water, Huel U&U, vegetable broth and a variety of spices. Makes a good soup!
Edit: Not in the shaker, though, in a pan, stirring it thoroughly with a whisk.

How much cold water do you add first? Have you also tried it with hot water only?
Does Black mix better with hot liquids?

We’ve got a few warm Huel soup recipes online. Here’s one:

I’m actually a big fan of the satay hack here. Bit of effort, but actually tastes really good.

Not a single clue what you’re talking about.