Hot water on Huel powder

Winter is coming on: what are your thoughts on adding hot water to Huel powder to take out in a flask for a hike or apres sea swim?

There were people doing a porridge-like thing with Huel instead of oats, mixing the powder (v2.0 or v3.0 I believe) with how boiling water. But from what I remember, their results were not drinkable, but much more to eat as a pudding

Ah thanks Luca, I did wonder if there would be a consistency issue. I suppose I’ll just have to give it a go: porridge-like thing might be OK

Hey! I’ve just started having my morning Huel in porridge form!

As @lnicolett said, it would be quite difficult to drink, it’s more of a ready brek /very smooth porridge consistency (huel v3.0) but it makes a lovely substitute my usual cold shake on colder mornings! Obviously you could add more water to make it thinner, but it would taste more watery.

Today for lunch I decided to try it with huel black edition cookies and cream… I can’t say I’ll be racing to do it again, it came out more like a chocolate pudding, as it’s tapioca it came out a much smoother and I’d say more gelatinous consistency than v3.0.

Just to be clear though, I personally make up my huel as usual in the shaker, pour it into a bowl and microwave to get my desired consistency. From how much it thickens though I imagine it would be too thick to drink even just using boiling water and no microwave.

Hi @JohnPayne as I stay in chilly Scotland I warm my huel v3 on cold days in the microwave till just warm and I am able to drink it without any problems. I would imagine if you heat for longer it will thicken up. I have previously asked about vitamin loss and was told it would be minimal. :sake::spoon:

I tried it this morning by pouring boiling water onto vanilla Huel in a bowl and stirring until it seemed porridgy. It was OK but I probably won’t be racing to do it again. Thanks for your input.

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